APICS Strategic Management of Resources | VIC | Term 1 2018

9:00am Saturday, 10 February 2018
5:00pm Saturday, 24 March 2018
Certification Courses
ASCI c/- Karstens
123 Queen Street
Melbourne, Victoria 3000

In SMR, candidates explore the relationship of existing and emerging processes and technologies to operations strategy and supply-chain related functions. 

SMR address three main topics: understanding the business environment, developing operations strategy and implementing operations strategy. An important area discussed is understanding how to develop and validate the operations strategy based on industry, product, market, and other factors.

Strategic Management of Resources is the final of 5 modules comprising the CPIM.   It is recommended to complete this module last, as the capstone module it assumes knowledge from the previous modules.

Key Content

Explore the relationship between strategic planning and the management and execution of operations. This module fosters higher-level thinking about how market requirements and social and economic sustainability drive the operations, processes and resource requirements of the firm.

  • Developing the business and competitive strategy
  • The global environment
  • Sustainability principles and models
  • Developing the operations strategy
  • Operations structure and organizational design
  • Financial measurements
  • Supply chain management
  • Managing supply chain relationships
  • Infrastructure systems
  • Change management
  • Risk assessment and mitigation


As part of this course, you will receive a Strategic Management of Resources course manual and access to the online CPIM Study Tools for this module, which includes performance check answers, solution slides and practice tests, as well as one CPIM exam credit voucher.


APICS does not issue a certificate for individual CPIM modules apart from Basics of Supply Chain Management.  You may request a certificate from ASCI if you wish to have a formal record of your attendance/completion of this module.

To gain CPIM certification you will need to successfully complete an exam for each of the five CPIM modules, 


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Additional Information

Saturday: 10 February, 24 February, 10 March & 24 March

Time: 9am - 5pm 


ASCI Plus Member:  $2200

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You must be a member with ASCI to attend this course.  

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