In pursuing its vision: "Professionalising Supply Chain Management", the Australasian Supply Chain Institute (ASCI) has positioned itself as the official Professional Accreditation Body for the Australasian Supply Chain Industry and has become the trusted accreditation authority for the registration of Supply Chain Professionals and Practitioners in Australia and overseas.

ASCI has developed a Professional Accreditation Scheme for industry-wide standards and consistency in the profession. This Professional Accreditation Scheme, through which individuals can register as professionals and practitioners, provides a confirmation and acknowledgement to the individual and by implication, to the industry, of his/her career achievements against a globally aligned, industry accepted set of standards, on par with other professional disciplines in industry.



Henry Brunekreef – Director Advisory Services, Supply Chain and Operations Management at KPMG

“The Supply Chain Professionalisation initiative is something that the Australian industry has lacked. While other professions have formal accreditation bodies that facilitate professional registrations, this is the first time that such mechanism has been introduced in the Supply Chain Industry. Although Supply Chain Managers and Practitioners take significant responsibilities in their roles, they have no formal mechanism to support and protect them in their roles. This initiative is unique and will be a major game changer in the industry.”

Linda Venables – Non Executive Director at Foodbank and ASCI 2019 Individual Award for Excellence Winner

“ASCI is to be congratulated for driving a much-needed pathway for those engaged in logistics, operations and procurement to formalise their skills and experience in to  globally aligned registrations. The Practitioner and Professional Registration schemes will provide individuals with clear direction for their professional development and provide employers a mechanism for fact-based evaluation of potential candidates.”

Ingilby Dickson – Board Director and Advisor

“I am a great believer and supporter of the Australasian Supply Chain Institute and particularly, their professional accreditation initiativethat they have been leading. It’s great to see the momentum of professional accreditation and acceptance in industry growing. Again, great supporter of the Australasian Supply Chain Institute and it has been well led over the last few years with a strong board. I am a great believer in the need for a step change in supply chain generally and certainly the Institute’s role has been significant and will continue to be significant and will continue to grow as we develop better and improved cross functional business in future.”

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