Accurate and Balanced Inventory | August | VIC

10:00am Monday, 28 August 2017
3:30pm Tuesday, 29 August 2017
Short Courses/Workshops
43B Nathan Drive
Campbellfield, Victoria 3061


In this 2-Day session we look at how to implement a quick and easy approach to balancing inventories using a simulation approach adjusting safety stock “triggers” and batch sizes. The computer and software are yours to take home and use.

It is also appropriate for anyone involved in stock record accuracy who would like to eliminate the need for repetitive physical stocktakes.

Various techniques will be covered including the Four Step approach to achieving accuracy through Cycle Counting and using more efficient approaches than the old “ABC” methodology.


Topics covered in this workshop will include:

1. Why inventory records must be accurate - covering the ‘why’ of accurate processes, particularly with end-to-end software systems

2. Assuring record accuracy -  keeping the system lean mean and above all accurate

3. How to design the inventory process—covering process   mapping and which situations need it, and why

4. Cycle Counting – cycle counting versus physicals; popular methods, procedures and      organisation, plus how to conduct one last accurate    physical stocktake

5. The Four Step approach to record accuracy – a straightforward, proven and practical methodology used by thousands of organisations around the world

6. Measuring Accuracy – How to enable accurate, effective and efficient measurement processes on a daily basis. Popular items from the Lean tool box will also be covered

7. Rebalancing safety stocks and batch sizes to reduce inventories but increase customer service – using simulation to develop an approach to rebalancing safety stock triggers to reduce inventory dollars.



Managers and financial personnel involved in ERP/MRPII/IBM/S&OP Projects and Teams who need accurate inventories for a computer based management system to be of use to the company; plus Stores, Logistics , Purchasing, Supply Chain, Inventory Managers and Planning personnel.



Managers and financial personnel involved in ERP/MRPII/IBM/S&OP Projects and Teams who need accurate inventories for a computer based management system to be of use to the company; plus Stores, Logistics , Purchasing, Supply Chain, Inventory Managers, Customer Service  and Planning personnel.



Phil Heenan, CFPIM, CSCP, CLTD, CS&OP, has various Supply Chain, Operations, Purchasing and Logistics qualifications and has held various positions on the Australasian Production & Inventory Control Society since joining in 1978. APICS has awarded him Master CSCP and CPIM Instructor. He is in great demand for his practical education, management coaching and consulting services throughout the Asia Pacific region where he pioneered S&OP and “Class A” MRPII, assisting management in dramatically reducing inventories, increasing customer service levels, whilst improving profits and efficiencies.

He was Group Logistics Manager for The Beatrice Confectionery Group where he worked for 14 years. As the Full Time MRPII/DRP Project Manager for Beatrice he was the first in Victoria to achieve the internationally awarded “Class A” MRPII award at Europe Health Foods. He was also the first to achieve “Class A” in Sales & Operations Planning in a multi-site environment; 9 companies, 9 plants and 5 distribution centres.

He was a founding director of Oliver Wight Australia and an Oliver Wight Education Associate from 1988-1993.  He has been involved directly in over 35 “Class A” Accreditations, and indirectly a further 20, assisting companies or educating managers in Australia, Japan, Korea, China, The Philippines, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia and New Zealand. His client list includes an enviable list of Best Practice, Australasian Manufacturers and Distributors however they still all achieved outstanding business and profit improvements through Phil’s experienced coaching and education.

In 1990 he wrote the chapter on how to implement “Class A” projects based on his experience at Beatrice in the Gower Handbook of Logistics Management edited by John Gattorna. He also contributed to the S&OP Best Practices book by Dougherty & Gray and is mentioned in S&OP The How To Handbook by Wallace and Stahl. Phil speaks at many Conferences, including the APICS 2004 Conference held in San Diego, and the 2005 Symposium held in Melbourne Australia.

Many companies have publicly presented their journey with Phil and some of these may be viewed at the “articles and testimonials” sections at 

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$1,695.00 *
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Date: 28 & 29 August

Timings: 10 am to 3:30 pm EDST

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