Supply Chain Sustainability and Circularity Workshop

Supply Chain Sustainability with Circularity to Drive Profitability Workshop


Program Objective

Circularity is a methodology to reduce risk by eliminating waste and pollution in your supply chain. Circularity is above lean, superefficient supply chains by removing unnecessary inputs to the products and services, thus increasing profits and contributing to a more resilient supply chain. Therefore, it is critical to understand circularity and the work you can do today on your supply chains; it is meant for tier 1, tier 2, and tier 3 suppliers and manufacturers alike.

Who should attend

  • Individuals who are active in supply chain improvement projects or the implementation of supply chain systems.
  • Sustainability managers who want to include supply chains in their organization’s sustainability targets.
  • Operations, production, and manufacturing professionals interested in circularity principles.
  • Organisations looking to implement zero waste goals.
  • EHS professionals who want to remove hazardous substances from their facilities.
  • Procurement, transportation, logistics, distribution, and warehouse professionals concerned about packaging waste.
  • Suppliers, distributors, inventory professionals, and individuals curious about how to implement circularity.


Program benefit

  • Understand end-to-end processes and how to set science-specific sustainability targets.
  • Plan and strategize circularity as a multi-year goal.
  • Create a systematic approach for repeatable results in multiple locations and years.
  • Positively influence the organizations' sustainability message through team building.


Learning Outcomes

  • Effectively use Life Cycle Thinking (LCT) to find sustainable targets in your value chain.
  • Organizational process maps to define your circularity target.
  • Processes at the job level for repeatable results and cross-functional teams to get the most out of the targets.
  • Measure success with the quality matrix approach.
  • Circularity maximizes the value generated by the supply chain.
  • Circularity as an order winner in your value chain.


Program Outline


Module 1: Creating Circularity

  • Introduction to Circularity
  • Life Cycle Thinking (LCT)
  • Introduction to the process mapping approach
  • Developing Process Maps
  • Establishing job-specific KPIs
  • Implementation of a maturity matrix

Module 2: Bringing Circularity to Organizations

  • Creating a cross-functional team
  • Target ranking to find the highest priorities
  • Imbedding sustainability into the organization’s strategic objectives
  • Quantifying the value created
  • Competition as an order qualifier
  • Circularity as your order winner


Workshop Dates & Duration

22 - 30 July 2024

Classes are conducted twice a week (Tuesday & Thursday), 10 am to 1 pm Sydney Time, totaling 15 training hours. Participants will join the training via ZOOM. Participants will earn 15 CPD points for certification maintenance.


ASCI Member: $2,399
Non Member: $2,799


The fees include digital license materials and exam. The final exam consists of 20 multiple-choice questions with a 30-minute duration and is conducted in an online iProctored environment.


Instructor Introduction