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Take control of your career and professional development through the expert support of a professional coach.

ASCI has partnered with Laura Hefer and her team at Value Addicts to offer ASCI Members coaching services to help you reach your professional goals.

Value Addicts coach leaders and their teams, primarily in supply chain and sales, to discover what is keeping them back and how to overcome it. Our clients become more effective and better placed to bring out the best in everyone around them.
It is, particularly, the development of themselves and others that allows our clients to get their next leadership role faster.​ 




Coaching Options

One-on-One Coaching: Individual Development for Leaders

For many decades professional development meant asking individuals to cultivate new skills and knowledge to address more complex technical challenges. Professionals added new learning to what they already knew without altering their understanding of themselves, others or the world. In other words, they broadened a range of skills, techniques and habits to answer the question “How do I do X?”. This is called horizontal development and is often delivered by training organisations.

The rapid pace of change associated with digital business, artificial intelligence and automation, demands supply chain leaders to consider whether their personal operating system is helping them to adapt to new realities. It often means ways of seeing the world need to change in order to understand the new information or meet the new challenge. This is called vertical development; it addresses not technical but adaptive challenges, like “how do I deliver on competing goals, like higher efficiency and more product innovation, and contribute to our community?” or “what is my role as a leader when my direct control over outcomes is diminishing in this increasingly more complex environment?”. This is the space for developmental coaching that focuses not just on helping you know more but on how to know differently; it is self-transforming.

If you want to progress your career and thrive in a highly interconnected environment, you must address your adaptive challenges, notice and overcome your blind spots, so you could lead others through change.


Two packages are available:

Package One: If you know your developmental challenge. It includes:

  • A 50min video meeting with you and your manager to agree on your coaching purpose, based on the feedback you have received to date and your career objectives, and on roles and responsibilities of everyone involved in coaching.
  • 6 x 50min video coaching sessions over 3-4 months.
  • A 50min video meeting with you and your manager to debrief on what has been accomplished, feedback received from others and the opportunities for future growth.

Investment: $2,800 excl GST over a 4 month-long coaching engagement

Package Two: To identify and address your developmental challenge. It includes:

  • A 30min call with you and your manager to discuss your coaching purpose and whom you nominate to be interviewed to receive a 360° feedback.
  • 5 x 30min interviews with your nominated managers, peers and subordinates.
  • A 50min debrief call with you and your manager; agreement on key areas for development during upcoming coaching engagement.
  • 6 x 50min video coaching sessions over 4 months.
  • A 50min video meeting with you and your manager to debrief on what has been accomplished, feedback received from others and the opportunities for future growth.

Investment: $3,850 excl GST over a 5 month-long coaching engagement


Key benefits to your organisation:

  1. Increase success rate of your change initiatives by helping your most important people to become more adaptable, resilient and productive.
  2. Attract and retain your best talent by investing in them, giving them an opportunity to push themselves, develop their capacity to become a better leader.
  3. Reduce turnover and increase performance by transforming your less productive leaders; provide them with a safe and confidential space to self-disclose without a need to self-protect. They will receive genuine, direct feedback and support needed to make a change.

Key benefits for leaders being coached:

  1. Improve your performance by setting goals that are highly motivating for you. Increase your perspective taking capacity and clarify your purpose and values, to create a more meaningful working environment for yourself and others.
  2. Step up to complex challenges by increasing your self-awareness and system- awareness; notice what is happening within you, outside of you and over time and how things like your automatic responses, social norms of your team and drivers within and outside organisation affect the outcomes.
  3. Learn how to have more effective conversations to achieve better results for yourselves and your organisation. Understand how to best use your strengths and position yourself for your next challenge.


Spot Coaching to Overcome Pressing Challenges

Encourage individuals to take ownership and personal responsibility for their own professional development and increase their resourcefulness by giving them access to independent, confidential client-driven coaching conversations. Coaching is sought by individuals who want to continuously stretch themselves and grow, as well as new leaders who want to accelerate their transition, increase their confidence and get quick wins. It provides a safe environment to talk about the issues and goals, to test new ideas, examine personal habits and beliefs and commit to deliberate actions.

Most organisations understand the loss in productivity due to mental illness and offer Employee Assistance Programs. They are usually accessed by the employees experiencing severe stress, anxiety and depression, trying to cope with adversity inside and outside the organisation. Coaching is not therapy and, thus, does not aim to treat psychological problems.

Spot Coaching is for individuals who are not experiencing mental health issues but face a challenge at work and are not quite sure how to deal with it effectively. They might choose to vent to their colleagues, reducing mutual productivity, or engage in defensive behaviours and appear resistant to change or even incompetent. Solution-focused, cognitive behavioural coaching allows individuals to gain self-belief, recognise their strengths and find innovative ways to use them. It provides a challenge and the support needed for individuals to take control over their circumstances and embrace safe-to-fail experiments to explore new behaviours and adjust to new demands more effectively.


There are several options available to you:

  • 50 or 100 hours per organisation per annum
  • Max three sessions per individual (or as per our agreement)
  • All sessions booked directly with us or via your company representative
  • Monthly report on who was coached and key themes that came up in coaching overall, including any suggestions for future talent development that you might undertake internally or with our help. The content of coaching sessions is confidential

Investment: $17,500 (50hours) or $32,000 (100 hours) excl GST


Key benefits to your organisation:

  1. Higher productivity and employee retention since staff can access support when they most need it, to address challenges specific to their job.
  2. Lower stress and greater resilience as sensitive issues can be discussed without jeopardising an individual’s future career or relationships. Lower likelihood for anxiety that may spread across the organisation.
  3. Greater insight into organisational climate and most pressing themes to enable better investment in talent development and possible ways to lead change effectively.

Key benefits to the individuals:

  1. They feel supported by their employer and not just asked to step up to their next challenge. They know that it is not just leaders who matter, everyone matters.
  2. Staff can openly speak about their fears and what is holding them back. They not only will see things clearer, but also find motivation in pursuing things they did not find attractive.
  3. They own their development without waiting for somebody to decide on ways they should be developing.


How To Register

To get started submit your details THROUGH THIS EMAIL form and you will be contacted by Laura to discuss further.

You MUST be an ASCI Member or ASCI Plus Member to take advantage of these Professional Coaching offerings.


About Laura Hefer

Laura has been working with supply chain executives for two decades and is a valued member of the Australian leadership coaching community. She is a Certified Systemic Team Coach with the Association of Executive Coaching, an Associate Credentialed Coach with the International Coach Federation and abides to their code of ethics.

She is a presenter and a moderator of panel discussions on how to increase our leadership capacity to be future fit, with the Australasian Supply Chain Institute. She holds an MBA in International Business, a BA in Political Science and about to complete a MSc in Coaching Psychology at the University of Sydney. Laura is a member of The University of Sydney Coaching & Mentoring Alumni and of the Australasian Supply Chain Institute.

Laura is currently co-authoring two research papers with Dr. Michael Cavanagh to help leaders and their teams address competing demands, cope with adversity and to best serve the needs of our world tomorrow.

Laura has worked in Europe and Australia with companies from all over the world and across a variety of industries, like retail, healthcare, automotive, financial services, logistics, manufacturing, consumer products and mining, and understands interdependencies of business processes and pressures people face. Her coaching clients work for supply chain organisations in companies like Woolworths, Schneider Electric and Blackmores.

She creates a safe and trusting environment for people to share what is of value to them and discover what drives their behaviour. Having had an extensive evidence-based training in coaching psychology and systems thinking, Laura is able to hear beyond the stories people tell, notice the patterns of interactions, and help her clients become aware of what is happening and commit to what is required from them to move forward to meet the needs of their stakeholders. She employs systemic and solution-focused approaches, goal and motivational theories, cognitive behavioural framework, positive psychology and strengths coaching, insights from adult learning and development, models of change and peak performance to best support clients in achieving their personal and professional goals.


“I found Laura insightful, knowledgeable and supportive throughout this journey. I’ve learnt a great deal about myself and how to strengthen my working relationships and be more strategic in my approach. Laura provided the challenges and support that I needed to redefine my approach to interpersonal relationships. I would highly recommend Laura to anybody who wants to discover how to be a more effective leader.” - Todd Harris, Production Manager at Blackmores

“Laura's ability to balance both business development and executive coaching has enabled me to be more effective in my current role while being conscious of the role I aspire to, and the paths available to get there. Her ability to distil information, and act as a sounding board, offering relevant business models in support, or offering alternate perspectives has been invaluable.” - Natasha Asquith, Ops Excellence Framework and Process Manager at Woolworths

“I was very fortunate to have Laura as my business coach and I could not recommend someone highly enough. Laura has the unique ability to make you feel instantly at ease with the direction you are going, building your confidence, whilst holding you accountable to your commitments. She was able to help me recognise my blind spots and provide tools to understand and manage them. If you are ever lucky enough to be coached by her, you will never look back.” - Carlee McGowan, GM Planning at Telstra

"Laura brings to her work a keen intellect, boundless curiosity and insatiable thirst for learning. Her strong drive and desire for success is infectious and she constantly offers fresh perspectives and creative ideas to attain shared goals. Her focus on constant personal improvement is reflected in her empathetic style and willingness to appropriately challenge you, always with the goal of taking things to the next level." - Alex Dawson, Co-Founder of Positive Scenario