The State of Supply Chain Management Survey

The State of Supply Chain Management 2019

In this 21st century “companies don’t compete, supply chains compete”!
Today’s Supply Chain Managers are increasingly being asked by their CEOs to be more strategic and help generate more value within their organisation. A greater investment than ever before is being made within the supply chain in order to increase efficiencies; be innovative; achieve a competitive advantage and deliver a better customer experience.


Along with this, more and more Australian companies will compete on a global basis and will have supply chains that span across the world. In fact, Australia’s competitive position will increasingly depend on your organisation's supply chain management prowess. 
Through this study, we will explore eight components to provide insight into the maturity of the supply chain function:

  1. Collaboration
  2. Technology and Automation
  3. Integration
  4. Compliance and Regulation
  5. Logistics and Distribution
  6. Risk Management
  7. Sustainability
  8. Procurement

Please take just 25 minutes to participate in this survey and you will receive a free copy of the study once compiled. It is a great way to benchmark your own supply chain practices!
Thank you to the UTS research team for assisting us in the preparation of this 2019 survey.

Together, we look forward to sharing the results and insights with you.
ASCI Research



Survey closes 30 October 2019.