Registration FAQs

What's in it for me?

Registration is recognition of professional achievement and furthermore demonstrates your commitment to professionalism and ethical practice. Ongoing continued professional development keeps you abreast of current trends.

What is the difference between Registration and Membership?

Registration is appointment under the Professional Accreditation Scheme and Membership is the means through which those Registered can maintain their Registration through earning Continued Professional Development points.

Registration is renewed every three years and Membership is renewed every year.

What if I want to upgrade my Membership to Registration?

Follow the Registration Process. Upgrades from Membership to Registration can be processed at any time. 

What if I do not want to be named on the Public Register?

This is optional. The intent is to build a large exclusive community of Professionals, Practitioners and Associates. Help us grow the profession.

Which registration level is right for me?

The Provisional Assessment Tools in Step 1 will help you decide which level is right for you. Or, if you are not eligible, you can become an ASCI Member and start the journey to Registration. 

Which stream should I choose?

The one which best aligns with your career goals. Procurement, Operations, Logistics, Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) are the four options available to you.

What if I cannot find my transcripts or certificates?

Registration is an evidence-based process hence verified proof is the only acceptable eligibility requirement.

What if my Certification has expired?

If your certification was completed five years ago, you will need to provide evidence of currency to prove that you have maintained the required CPD points as outlined by the certification provider. APICS designees can visit the ASCM website here.

What if the assessment tool doesn't recognise my evidence?

Continue the Registration Process with your evidence and ASCI Technical Assessors will work with you to qualify your evidence.

What questions will I be asked in the phone interview for Practitioner Membership?

The questions will focus on the sections in the ASCI Supply Chain Management Terms & Definitions pertaining to the stream within which you'll be registered. 

How long will the assessment take to be processed?

You will be contacted straight away by Team ASCI. However, allow some time for ASCI's Technical Assessors to complete the assessment - each document must be verified and reviewed. If applying for Practitioner, time to arrange and schedule a phone interview must also be considered in the processing time. 

What if the eligibility assessment is not successful?

You will receive valuable feedback. Take the advice provided and action the recommendations to become successful next time. 

If you have further questions about registration, please contact the ASCI National Office

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