Registration Process

Registration involves an evidence-based process whereby documentation relevant to your chosen stream needs to be submitted as certified copies of original documentation. You are required to complete every step below before the assessment of your eligibility for registration will commence.

1. Complete the Provisional Assessment of Eligibility for Registration in your chosen stream

The following spreadsheets contain in-built calculators. Download Registration as Associate or Registration as Practitioner, depending on your career history. Select your chosen stream via one of the spreadsheet tabs. Enter the fields that represent the career evidence to be submitted. Save this file and include it in your submission in Step 3.

Download the Provisional Assessment Of Eligibility For Registration For Registered Associates

Download the Provisional Assessment Of Eligibility For Registration For Registered Practitioners

Please note that the Provisional Assessments are a preliminary tool to give you an indication of your potential eligibility and to assist in your decision to progress through the process of formal eligibility assessment. It does not guarantee your eligibility for registration. This will be a matter of formal assessment by ASCI.

If, based on the outcome of your provisional eligibility assessment, you decide to request a formal Eligibility Assessment, you need to follow the steps set out below.

2. Collate documents and have them certified

Collate the following documents from your career:

Work experience
  • Work experience need to be supported by Certificates of Employment from HR departments of companies where you have worked 
  • Certificates of Employment need to align with your resume and a copy of the resume needs to be uploaded
  • In the event that you cannot obtain formal Certificates of Employment i.e., where you are/were working, you are to submit an affidavit supported version of your resume, with company and contact details for ASCI’s audit purposes
  • Work experience is assessed on three levels: operational experience, management experience and executive level experience
Professional Certification
  • Professional certificates need to be relevant to your chosen stream 
  • All certificates need to be current
  • Copies of the certificates need to be certified copies of the original
Tertiary Qualifications
  • Copies of all Tertiary Qualifications need to be submitted
  • Copies of the certificates need to be certified copies of the original
  • Where possible, certified transcripts of the qualification need to be submitted. This may support the assessment in cases where the qualification may not directly reflect the relevancy to your chosen stream

    Documents can be certified by any of those authorised for this purpose, by to the Commonwealth Government.

    3. Upload your documents to your ASCI Profile 

    Establish a free ASCI Profile (or members visit existing ASCI Profile) here then continue the following instructions.

    Within your ASCI Profile, click EDIT and upload the following files to Certificates and Transcripts. 

    1. Certificates of Employment
    2. Resume (Affidavit supported in lieu of Certificates of Employment)
    3. Professional Certificates
    4. Tertiary Certificates and Transcripts
    5. Your completed “Provisional Assessment of Eligibility For Registration”
    To save the uploads, you will be required to confirm some minimum requirements for eligibility assessment, including your acceptance of the following:
    1. ASCI Terms and Conditions
    2. ASCI Ethics Policy
    3. ASCI Whistle-blowers Policy
    4. ASCI Privacy Policy
    5. ASCI Statement of Professional Conduct

    Save your Edits.

    4. Request your Eligibility Assessment  

    Complete the Request For Assessment Form and await further response from the Compliance team. After 30 June, the Registration Application Fee is $100 for ASCI Members (and members of other supply chain related associations, councils or bodies when evidence is uploaded to the profile section as per Step 3). Purchase the fee here in the ASCI Store.

    Next Steps

    Once your eligibility to register is confirmed and all steps in the process are completed, you will then be given the option to formally apply for registration under the ASCI Professional  Accreditation Scheme.

    In the case of assessment of eligibility to register as Practitioner, you will have to attend a Practitioner Interview as part of the assessment process.

    Once your registration is confirmed, your registration and your first year of membership will be processed and you will receive a welcome email with onboarding instructions for using your post nominals and commencing your Continuous Professional Development for Registration Maintenance. 

    Registration is $375 per annum for Practitioners and $275 per annum for Associates. These fees are applied after successful eligibility assessment for non ASCI Members and are non-refundable or transferable. 

    For Frequently Asked Questions, visit our website here.

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