Public Register

The ASCI Public Register

ASCI maintain a public register of all ASCI Registered Professionals and Practitioners. If someone's name appears on this register, they are registered in the scope of their registration.

ASCI maintains an up-to-date registry of individuals who are registered against the ASCI Registration Standards. To verify a registrant’s status, simply visit the ASCI Public Register on the ASCI Website. 

The ASCI Public Register applies to individuals who are registered and maintain their registrations through the ASCI CPD Program. Inclusion in the registry is voluntary, so not all registrants may be listed.


ASCI Registered Practitioners

ASCI would like to recognise and congratulate the first Australasian Supply Chain Practitioners that have now successfully completed their registration:







Phillip Ow: Supply chain optimisation and transformation specialist with deep experience in leading cross-functional process teams in a challenging business environment. 

“Why I registered: To be a member of a professional supply chain community that has attained the minimum knowledge and capability to implement and run successfully optimized supply chain processes and systems.” 








Ivan Imparato: A Senior Program Manager / General Manager with highly transferable skills and value proposition of leadership driving efficiencies in a BAU environment, transformational change in highly complex and quality driven environments, with a customer service mindset.

“Why I registered: I believe that SCM is an undervalued profession and that Supply Chain experts are not recognised as professionals amongst the wider community. Professionalism is a trait that's highly valued in the workforce, it has many attributes, including Specialised Knowledge, Competency, Honesty and Integrity, Accountability. I display all the attributes of a Professional, so why not be recognised and valued as Professional? There is no better time than now! Becoming a Registered Practitioner is a stepping stone to becoming a Supply Chain Management Professional.”







Michel Jungo: Experienced Supply Chain Professional with a passion for Planning and Sustainability. 

 “Why I registered: It is time that the Supply Chain Professionals get the recognition we deserve because we are the backbone of the economies of the world and responsible for the manufacturing, transportation and availability of all goods and service around the world.” 

Registration provides professional recognition of competence through the confirmation and acknowledgement to the individual and by implication, to the industry, of his/her career achievements against a globally aligned, industry-accepted set of standards, on par with other professional disciplines in industry.


Inquiries into the Practitioner Registration Scheme can be directed to


Registered Practitioners

Registration IDLast NameFirst NameSecond InitialRegistration StreamRegistration DesignationOriginal Date RegisteredRegistration StatusMaintenance DeadlineLast Date Renewed
19001OWPeng Ghee (Phillip) Operations PractitionerRegPracOps7/1/2019Active31/1/2022 
19002IMPARATOIvan Operations PractitionerRegPracOps7/1/2019Active31/1/2022 
19003JUNGOMichel Operations PractitionerRegPracOps7/1/2019Active31/1/2022 
19004PREVETTNigelJOperations PractitionerRegPracOps14/2/2019Active28/2/2022 
19005PREVETTNigelJLogistics PractitionerRegPracLog15/2/2019Active28/2/2022 
19006LARSENWayne Logistics PractitionerRegPracLog18/2/2019Active28/2/2022 
19007PALMGeoffreyJProcurement PractitionerRegPracProc18/2/2019Active28/2/2022 
19008VENABLESLinda Logistics PractitionerRegPracLog20/2/2019Active28/2/2022 
19009VIRDIInderjeet Procurement PractitionerRegPracProc3/6/2019Active30/6/2022 
19010OWENMichaelHLogistics PractitionerRegPracLog13/06/2019Active30/6/2022 
19011BRUNEKREEFRaymondHLogistics PractitionerRegPracLog14/08/2019Active31/08/2022 
19012SKRZYPIECMark Logistics PractitionerRegPracLog23/08/2019Active31/08/2022