Professionalisation of Supply Chain Management

The Australasian Supply Chain Institute is positioning itself to be the official accreditation body for the Supply Chain Industry. In this context it has commenced a process of professionalising Supply Chain Management. This process is aimed at developing framework for standards and consistency in the profession. The components of such framework include:

  • Professional Standards for the Supply Chain Industry
  • Consistent delivery of Education
  • Indemnity protection for Supply Chain Managers
  • A Formal Ethics Management Program in the Industry
  • Consistent Terminology
  • An Authorised Register of Professionals/Practitioners
  • Structured Continued Professional Development Programs
  • Recognition of Supply Chain Management as a Profession

In pursuing these components, several steps have already been taken, amongst which:

  • The ASCI Constitution is now fully aligned with PSA Requirements and approved by Members at SGM September 2017
  • A Supply Chain Management Body of Knowledge has been developed and released in December 2017
  • An Ethics Management Program has been set in place , fully compliant with current legislation
  • A Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program is available through ASCI Offerings, including endorsement of third party offerings
  • The Professional/Practitioner Registration Processes have been launched:
    • The ASCI Registered Practitioner Program active
    • A Professional Registration Program for Supply Chain Managers is planned for 2019
  • ASCI is in discussions with tertiary educational institutions to set up a Supply Chain Research Hub
  • ASCI has commenced with an application to the Professional Standards Authority (PSA) with the objective is to obtain legislation for Supply Chain Management as a profession.


The ASCI Vision

It is the Australasian Supply Chain Institute's vision to “Professionalise Supply Chain Management."

The Australasian Supply Chain Institute is a not-for-profit organisation passionate about helping organisations re-position themselves for sustainability in light of major disruptions. In essence, we’re about professionalising supply chain management so that a standard level of qualification is recognised, accepted and tested by industry. We provide professional membership, global certification, and a full calendar of Continuous Professional Development events where points accrue towards certification maintenance. We partner with industry and academia to ensure that our offering is inclusive and relevant right across the supply chain domain.

Professional Legislation

In pursuing professional standards legislation, the aim is to have such exist in every Australian jurisdiction which will be governed the operations of Professional Standards Scheme. This scheme will be the scheme underlying the legislation and which will form the base for the requirements of the professional registrations under such legislation.