Workplace Culture

Collaboration Partner

John Bradbury is a Coach and Consultant who started his career working in Manufacturing as a Front Line Leader in unionised environments in the UK.

John spent 8 years as a Front Line Leader and then worked in more senior roles. In the UK he managed a nightshift of 250 people, 11 production lines and 5 Front Line Leaders for 5 years. He moved to Australia in 1997 and worked as a Manufacturing Manager in the Food Industry for 7 years.

For the last 15 years John has provided coaching and consulting services to Manufacturing and Supply Chain across many industries in Australia including Food, Pharmaceuticals, Paper and Defence.

John's main area of expertise is in helping organisations develop their Frontline Leaders into high performers.

John is the founder and owner of Workplace Culture Pty Ltd.


ASCI has partnered with Workplace Culture to offer the Frontline Leder Performance program to members.