Collaboration Partner

NAWO enables women the experience, development and sponsorship they need to aspire to and succeed in leadership positions across multiple industries and operational disciplines.  

NAWO's vision is a world where women and men can be equally represented and valued at every level.  

NAWO's mission to twofold: to inspire women to take charge of their career via networks, role models and development opportunities and to connect businesses via membership; facilitating dialogue, ideas and action to achieve greater inclusion and gender balance in operations. 

Membership of the NAWO network affords your employees the following annual benefits:


Access to ‘Quick Bites' - these complimentary and time efficient networking events are hosted by member companies and showcase the experiences of successful men and women in operations, helping emerging talent to identify role models and gain professional exposure.


The opportunity to participate in the NAWO’s outstanding Mentoring Circles Program either as a mentor or mentee.

Professional Development Programs

Curated for women looking to advance their careers, one day workshops focus to give participants the skills and confidence they need to progress their role in operations.

Professional Participation Opportunities

For leaders and team members seeking to understand and identify how they can better support and lead inclusive workplaces.


Inspire conversation, increase understanding and generate action on a variety of topics related to the attraction, development and promotion of women in operations via access to NAWO's resources and expertise including podcasts, toolkits, case studies and research reports.