Ligentia Australia Pty Ltd

Corporate Partner

Ligentia Australia Pty Ltd

Founded in 1996 in the UK, we have combined strong organic growth with strategic acquisitions to now have owned operations across the globe.

Ligentia is a world class supply chain solutions, international freight forwarding and contract logistics services provider.

We are always guided by our customer needs. Our culture and values remain the non-negotiable DNA of our group. We continue driving forward creating a market-led and dynamic organisation that combines world class logistics solutions with operational service excellence. This requires on-going passion and commitment to improve customers’ business performance through the most talented people, defined processes and innovative technology platform.

Our customers and the markets in which we operate dictate where we invest and which capabilities and resources we deploy in any one year. We never stop listening or learning, we never stand still, and we believe in keeping the rate of internal change at a level that ensures we are always in tune with our customers – today and in the future.

We are an independent and privately owned logistics provider which most importantly means we can deliver agility and flexibility every time. Our solutions are truly tailored, aligning to our customers supply chain requirements as opposed to solutions driven to utilise existing assets which might not necessarily advantage our clientele.

With infrastructure and operations coverage spanning Australia, New Zealand, North and South East Asia, the ISC, Southern Africa, Europe and the UK: we are a service provider of choice supporting our customer supply chains now and into the future.