nbn Co

Corporate Partner


nbn (the company) was established on 9 April, 2009 to design, build and operate Australia's new broadband network.

nbn is a wholly-owned Commonwealth company - a Government Business Enterprise - and is represented by Shareholder Ministers; the Minister for Communications and the Minister of Finance.

Our purpose

At nbn, our goal is simple: deliver Australia's first national wholesale-only, open access broadband network to all Australians.

*The speeds actually experienced by end-users via fibre, fixed wireless or satellite will depend on a number of factors including the retail broadband plan they choose, their equipment and their in premises connection.

Our values

Our values underpin the way in which we act and behave at nbn. They describe what is important to us and guide our thinking and interactions with our customers, each other and the community.

We are one team

  • Actively engages & values input from others
  • Focuses on & prioritises the common goal
  • Actively supports team decisions

We are fearless

  • Transparent & speaks up to improve the outcome
  • Seeks new & better ways and takes informed risks
  • Decisive & acts with a sense of urgency

We deliver

  • Sets clear goals, plans & measures progress 
  • Takes accountability & owns actions
  • Focuses on & prioritises the right things