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  • 4 Dec 2020 10:58 AM | Monique Fenech

    NEWS RELEASE           

    ASCI President Registers as a Practitioner

    Sydney, 4 December 2020: Australasian Supply Chain Institute (ASCI), has today announced the ASCI President, Alexandra Riha, has Registered as a Practitioner under its Professional Accreditation Scheme. 

    ASCI is the professional accreditation body for supply chain management in Australasia, making available the first evidence-based practitioner and associate level registrations under its scheme. Registration is available for Associates and Practitioners across four streams: operations, procurement, logistics and integrated logistics support.  

    Alexandra has Registered as a Practitioner in Operations (RegPracOps) in recognition of her professional achievements in operations management working for organisations in the pharmaceutical industry across the globe. 

    “I am very proud to announce that I have been Registered as an Operations Practitioner under the Professional Accreditation Scheme. I am honoured to be listed among my highly respected peers on the ASCI Public Register.

    “It's a humbling experience to be recognised for my professional achievements through a rigorous evidence-based process that takes into account my work experience, professional certifications and tertiary education.  

    “May I encourage you to become Registered to not only deliver career benefits for the individual, but also support for hiring companies to get the right level of  supply chain experts on board, thanks to this professional pathway. It raises awareness of supply chain management as a profession in Australasia and the need of continued professional development,” said Ms Riha.


    About Australasian Supply Chain Institute

    Australasian Supply Chain Institute is the not-for-profit Professional Accreditation Body for Supply Chain Management In Australia. Drawing from its 65 year heritage, ASCI has developed a professional framework to the requirements of the Professional Standards Authority and runs a Professional Accreditation Scheme that makes available registration to the entire supply chain management community.

    ASCI provides access to a Continued Professional Development program, including global industry certifications, webinars, events, podcasts, research and resources for registration maintenance and professional learning. 

    Please visit www.asci.org.au for more information about our registrations, memberships and programs. For more information, or to arrange an interview, please contact Monique Fenech on 0439 320 152.

  • 21 Oct 2020 11:13 AM | Monique Fenech

    Sydney: 21 October 2020: On Global Ethics Day, the Professional Accreditation Body for Supply Chain Management is urging Australian business leaders to heed its poll results and encourage staff to be Registered under its Scheme for access to an Ethics Management Program.

    Supply chain leaders participated in a poll this month for Global Ethics Day and 94% sited at least one unethical issue in their supply chain when presented with the following options: 

    • COVID-19 (68%)
    • Misconduct (19%)
    • Black Market (16%)
    • Bribery (13%)
    • Modern slavery (9%)
    • Discrimination (6%)
    • Child labour (9%) 
    • Food fraud (9%)

    According to Alexandra Riha, President, Australasian Supply Chain Institute, COVID-19 has exacerbated pre-existing unethical issues, leaving supply chain managers feeling overwhelmed by responsibilities for their end to end global supply chains.

    “While 60%said they had access to resources such as experts; supplier visibility; external assistance;  and legal advice; 16% said the resources did not allow appropriate confidentiality to protect them and 40% said did not have adequate access to resources. 

    “As the professional accreditation body for supply chain management, ASCI offers those who are Registered under its Professional Accreditation Scheme access to an Ethics Management Program, including a Code of Conduct, for confidential third party resources to be well informed and help escalate unethical behaviour in supply chains,” she said.

    In line with the Global Ethics Day theme “Ethics In Action” Ms Riha encourages business leaders to empower their supply chain staff to be Registered under the ASCI Professional Accreditation Scheme for free access to the Ethics Management Program which consists of the ASCI Code of Ethics and supported by a comprehensive complaints management process that provides guidance.

    ASCI's Professional Accreditation Scheme provides industry-wide standards and consistency in the profession. This Professional Accreditation Scheme, through which individuals can register as Professionals, Practitioners and Associates, provides recognition of professional achievement against a globally aligned, industry accepted set of standards, on par with other professional disciplines.

    There are nine Registrations under the Professional Accreditation Scheme:

    1.   Registered Professional (PrSCM)*

    2.   Registered Operations Practitioner (RegPracOps)

    3.   Registered Procurement Practitioner (RegPractProc)

    4.   Registered Logistics Practitioner (RegPracLog)

    5.   Registered ILS Practitioner (RegPracILS)

    6.   Registered Operations Associate (RegAssocOps)

    7.   Registered Procurement Associate (RegAssocProc)

    8.   Registered Logistics Associate (RegAssocLog)

    9.   Registered ILS Associate (RegAssocILS)

    Registration is coupled with a Continued Professional Development Program for ongoing professional learning and Registration maintenance. An upcoming webinar series, hosted by the ASCI Ethics Committee, will highlight the benefits of the Ethics Management Program and how to access it by becoming Registered in the Scheme. 

    The ASCI2021 annual conference theme “Supply Chain Vision In the Decade For Action” addresses ethics in the supply chain, with an international keynote from United Nations and resonating themes throughout the three day conference. 

    The United Nations’ “Decade for Action” calls for accelerating sustainable solutions to all the world’s biggest challenges ranging from poverty and gender to climate change, inequality and closing the finance gap,” says Ms Riha.“Our global supply chains are not immune to these challenges and have their own set of sensitivities to global political, economic, geographic and social climates.  

    “Our annual conference, scheduled for February 2021 in Western Sydney, will provide clarity around what is expected of supply chain managers and what the priorities are to act and lead a future-proof global supply chain into the new decade. 

    “ASCI is committed to its mission to professionalise supply chain management and invites all supply chain practitioners to be registered by 2021,” said Ms Riha.


    *Coming in 2025

    About Australasian Supply Chain Institute

    The Australasian Supply Chain Institute (ASCI), is the not-for-profit Professional Accreditation Body for Supply Chain Management In Australia. 

    Drawing from its 65 year heritage, ASCI has developed a professional framework to the requirements of the Professional Standards Authority and runs a Professional Accreditation Scheme that makes available registration to the entire supply chain management community in Australia.

    ASCI provides access to a Continued Professional Development program, including global industry certifications, webinars, events, podcasts, research and resources for registration maintenance and professional learning.

    To find out more about Registration, click here.

    To register to the upcoming free webinar click here.

    To register to ASCI2021 Annual Conference “Supply Chain Vision In The Decade For Action, click here.

  • 17 Sep 2020 1:02 PM | Monique Fenech

    Australasian Supply Chain Institute has announced the appointment of two new Directors to the Board: Linda Venables and Dr Tom Janoshalmi.

    The two appointments strengthen ASCI’s position as the Professional Accreditation Body for Supply Chain Management in Australia by adding specialist knowledge and experience in logistics and digital technologies at the board level. 

    According to Alexandra Riha, President, Australasian Supply Chain Institute, boards have had to play an extremely hands-on role during the COVID-19 pandemic and ASCI’s Board had been no exception.

    “Both Linda and Tom demonstrate knowledge and expertise in global supply chains which helps us identify key collaborative programs that can support the ASCI Professional Accreditation Scheme,” she said.

    Linda Venables has over 30 years’ international, operational experience building and leading teams in the UK and Europe, with the last 14 years in Supply Chain in Australia.

    Most recently, Linda demonstrated her strategic leadership as Chief Logistics Officer at Metcash, driving an end-to-end supply chain transformation with her team which included network design, the introduction of automation and enhanced digitisation of vendor partnership transactions.

    Linda has previously held roles on the Australian Food and Grocery Council’s Trading Partner Forum and on the Board of GS1 Australia (barcode standards) along with having played a key role in heavy vehicle transport regulation, Chairing the Australian Logistics Council’s Retail Logistics Safety Committee (RLSC) from 2015 to 2018. 

    Linda was the ASCI Individual Award For Excellence recipient in 2019 and is a member of the ASCI NSW Chapter and the ASCI Risk Committee.

    Dr Tom Janoshalmi is responsible for SAP’s global Digital Core Movement program, reporting into the Board. In his current role, Tom focuses on developing and implementing strategies for high customer impact technology adoption to enable supply chain resilience.

    Tom has a 20-year track record of leading successful business transformations with Global Fortune 500 companies. Since joining SAP, Tomhas held several leadership positions, including Chief Growth Officer at Digital Business Services, Line of Business general management in Asia Pacific and in the Americas. Prior to joining SAP, Tomwas Supply Chain Manager at Freudenberg Automotive. Tom holds a Doctorate degree from Newcastle University in Operations Research and a Business Degree from Stanford Graduate School of Business. He is a guest professor at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

    Departing the Board is Laynie Kelly who served as Director for more than three years. Her contribution to ASCI’s strategy for 2025 was very valuable and inspirational.  She will be missed and we wish her all the best for her next assignments. 

    “I am very excited to have these two new members on the Board. They will bring fresh insights, ideas based on their vast experiences and networks to shape future of ASCI for enhancing supply chain management as career path and as a recognised profession,” says Alexandra Riha.



    About Australasian Supply Chain Institute

    Australasian Supply Chain Institute (ASCI), is the not-for-profit Professional Accreditation Body for Supply Chain Management In Australia. 

    Drawing from its 65 year heritage, ASCI has developed a professional framework to the requirements of the Professional Standards Authority and runs a Professional Accreditation Scheme that makes available registration to the entire supply chain management community in Australia.

    ASCI provides access to a continuous professional development program, including global industry certifications, webinars, events, podcasts, research and resources for registration maintenance and professional learning.

  • 23 Aug 2020 8:58 AM | Monique Fenech

    On the eve of National Skills Week, the Accreditation Body for Supply Chain Management, Australasian Supply Chain Institute (ASCI), has announced an Instructor Development Program aimed at standardising supply chain management knowledge in Australia to address a skills shortage of two million by 2025.*  

    The Instructor Development Program is a capacity building program for ASCI’s APICS alumni community to endorse them as instructors in best practice supply chain management knowledge based on ASCI’s Supply Chain Management Body of Knowledge, which draws from global certification partners including APICS.

    According to ASCI President, Alexandra Riha, the program is a sustainable way to address skills gaps in the supply chain community and draw from the expertise of our alumni community.

    “Supply chain management is a fairly new discipline and so, it includes many practitioners who have come from other disciplines resulting in an inconsistent delivery of best practice knowledge.  As a result, skills are overweighted in technology and data, but are limited in applying key learnings from data,” she said.  

    By 2025, there will be a shortage of two million workers across the supply chain, and that doesn’t include any issues around the current disruption due to COVID-19.

    “As we bring in the next generation of supply chain practitioners, and indeed encourage career changes for those in other disciplines to join supply chain to help fill the skills shortages, it’s our responsibility to ensure that this generation can pass on best practice knowledge.

    However, despite the forecasted skills shortage, Ms Riha is optimistic for the future.

    “Since the 1960s, we’ve trained over 130,000 supply chain practitioner around the world in APICS certification and, in Australia, we have over 600 alumni that are eligible to join ASCI’s Instructor Development Program. Now is the time to empower our supply chain leaders to impart their knowledge,” she says.

    Benefits to the Instructor

    • Specialist educator within the organisation, industry or industry body
    • Option to continue to Master Instructor
    • ·Gain a profile within the supply chain community

    Benefits for the organisation 
    • Succession planning
    • Mitigating risk
    • Business continuity 

    Benefits to the individual
    • Understanding of the interactions and inter-dependencies across business functions with 4,000+ standard supply chain terms
    • Build the skill to provide insights into how the various pieces work together and what tools, approaches, technologies and measurements support and encourage achievement of supply chain objectives
    • Commence pathway to Registered Practitioner under the ASCI Professional Accreditation Scheme
    For more information about the Instructor Development Program, the upcoming Train the Trainer courses and the global certifications that make up the ASCI Supply Chain Management Body of Knowledge, contact ASCI National Office.

     Industry study by the Manufacturing Institute and Deloitte Consulting LLP

  • 8 Jun 2020 4:53 PM | Deleted user

    Superstars of STEM is a Government funded program run by Science & Technology Australia, the peak body in science and technology which represents more than 75,000 Australian scientists and technologists working across all scientific disciplines.

    Superstars of STEM program aims to elevate the profiles of women working in as many STEM fields as possible, with a particular focus on those in which women are under-represented. ASCI Members have been invited to join the program to encourage greater representation in industry.

    This is either a paid program valued at $2,500 or a scholarship program. Applications for 2021 are open in June!

    The first year of the program will focus on professional development through a series of five workshops and the second year will focus on providing participants opportunities to practice their new skills through media and speaking opportunities in schools and on high profile stages.

    Applicants must identify as women and be employed in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) roles at any career stage in any sector.

    Applicants must be Australian Citizens or Permanent Residents and meet one of the following criteria:

    Hold a PhD or higher (Associate Professor, Professor etc.) or;

    • Indigenous Australian with an undergraduate STEM degree and at least 7 years
    • STEM industry experience or:
    • Person with an undergraduate STEM degree and at least 7 years experience working in technology, engineering, mathematics, agriculture, environmental science or geological sciences.


    • A commitment to the two-year Superstars of STEM Program, including the training, practice, networking and mentoring components; and a commitment to participate where possible in opportunities provided to alumni participants throughout the life of the Superstars program
    • A natural aptitude for oral and written communication
    • An interest in building a public and professional profile and in communicating with public audiences through speaking engagements, the media, social media and written material
    • A commitment to being mentored
    • A commitment to becoming a long-term role model for girls and young women in and thinking of entering the STEM sector
    • Willing to organise to speak at least three and up to five high schools, with support from the program

    Participants will be selected to ensure geographic and discipline diversity in the program as well as representation from all career stages and a range of sectors, including public, private, and academic.

    ASCI's vision for this partnership is that ASCI Members will advocate for the supply chain management profession and bring an increased number of women for future generations.

    Click here to receive more information about the application process.

    This program runs concurrently with ASCI's partnered program with Four PL which involves working with Year 13 to create a career pathway into Supply Chain Management for the next generation. This website, which receives 1.5 million students each year, will become the go-to destination for the Superstars of STEM advocates when they visit schools under the two year program.


  • 3 Jun 2020 4:21 PM | Deleted user

    Over 400 Defence & Industry personnel across the Trans-Tasman border participated in an inaugural Defence-led Hackathon which generated an ANZAC spirit like no other.

    ANZDF Hack was a two day online design sprint-style event (May 15 - May 17) that tapped into the creativity of the Defence, Industry (supply chain, logistics and manufacturing), Science and Academic communities to create solutions to Industry supply chain challenges that impact Defence.

    Based on the recent collaborative efforts announced between Australia and New Zealand Defence Departments earlier this month, the hackathon was designed to establish pathways for investment and development for shortlisted submissions and winning teams in Industry, Defence and start-up programs.

    The ASCI Community was invited to participate and the ASCI National Office and Committee Chairs represented in each area as mentors; participants; and as submission evaluators. Teams of up to eight were formed within the first four hours of the event to compete under one of the following five challenges:

    • Enabling policies
    • Manufacturing revival
    • Supply chain management and logistics optimisation
    • People, culture and wellness
    • Cyber resilience

    Hosted by Australian Computer Society via Slack allowed for teams to collaborate, mentors to be assigned, announcements to be delivered with excitement using emojis feedback options, tips and resources to be shared and webinars to be held to provide vital best practice information from some of the leaders in their fields.

    Encouragement to succeed for all was evident throughout the 48 hours which created an exciting atmosphere for all competing. There was plenty of reference to recent events (Bushfire and COVID-19) to stimulate discussion on supply chain disruption.

    The reliance on overseas manufacturers/suppliers and disruptions to Defence was also highlighted. As the hours clocked closer to the deadline, participants were earnestly hacking away to completed their three minute video and word document submission on time and on point.


    1st Prize : IBM sponsored $7000 awarded to Gaia Pod
    Supply chain and Logistics optimisation focused solution using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

    2nd Prize : IBM sponsored $2000 awarded to FVEX
    Enabling Policies and Supply chain and Logistics optimisation focused solution.

    3rd Prize : IBM sponsored $1000 awarded to Team White Hat
    Cyber resilience focused solution

    4th prize : ANSTO's Nandin Innovation Centre 3+ months membership awarded to Help from HeroesPeople Culture and Wellness focused solution

    5th prize: DELL sponsored technology awarded to Zirkata
    Supply chain and Logistics optimisation focused solution.

    6th prize : Australian Defence Magazine conference tickets awarded to Team DA-SH
    Manufacturing Revival focused solution

    ALL FINALISTS - AMDA sponsored Avalon air show entry tickets + NZ Defence Industry Association 12 months ecosystem membership

    Good luck to all who participated that you might be selected to drive your concept into a pathway!

    A big thank you to Australia’s Department of Defence for inviting the Australasian Supply Chain Institute’s supply chain and logistics community to participate. This was an ASCI Endorsed event which awarded six continuous professional development points towards global certification or Practitioner Registration maintenance

  • 1 Jun 2020 4:03 PM | Deleted user

    Welcome to our newest volunteer, Michael Milnes, Principal, Supplied Legal, who has joined the ASCI Ethics Committee.

    Before establishing Supplied Legal, Michael spent more than 15 years working at leading law firms and as a senior in-house lawyer in the FMCG supply chain sector.

    He works with clients in the Supply Chain, E-Commerce and Consumer Goods sectors, providing legal support to help them build fast, reliable and ethical supply chains.

    His career spans working in Australia, the UK and Europe. He is certified as an Agile project manager and holds an MBA from a leading UK business school. His research included the future impact of automation and robotics on supply chain strategy and operations.

    Michael is a previous member of the New South Wales Law Society’s Legal Technology Committee and he regularly writes for trade publications, academic journals and publishes a regular blog on how new legal issues will affect the supply chain sector.

  • 1 Jun 2020 3:43 PM | Deleted user

    The ASCI Board is committed to creating a recognised Supply Chain Profession. The significant challenges to global supply chains provide a momentous opportunity to reinforce this commitment and to further develop a strategic plan, referred to as ASCI2025 – A Strategic Roadmap.

    Recently Alexandra Riha, ASCI President and Board Chair, released the following statement.

    The ASCI board reiterated its continuing commitment to promote and contribute to professionalising Supply Chain Management at its meeting on 22 April 2020. ASCI becoming a premier accreditation body for supply chain domain was initially approved by the Board at the ASCI Annual General Meeting on 15 November 2017. ASCI professional accreditation framework is designed to meet the requirements of the Professional Standards Authority (PSA) which oversees the legislation of professional accreditation bodies in Australia. Our core goal of developing a Supply Chain Profession is talent and continuous professional development; thereby enabling individuals and businesses to build sustainable and profitable supply chains.

    As a Professional Accreditation Body, ASCI has two key areas of responsibility towards the broader supply chain domain:

    • The Professional Accreditation Scheme: This Scheme provides recognition and acknowledgement of individuals’ qualifications and career achievements against globally accepted bodies of knowledge and professional standards. It offers a Practitioner Registration in Procurement, Operations, Logistics and Integrated Logistics Support (ILS), which can progress to full registration as Professional Supply Chain Managers (PrSCM). ASCI continues to refine and further develop the Professional Accreditation Scheme. This scheme is supported by a robust Continued Professional Development (CPD) Program for practitioners and professionals to maintain their registration status. The registrants are supported by ASCI’s Ethics Management Program, Risk Mitigation Guidance and its Supply Chain Management Knowledgebase.
    • Industry Advocacy: As a Professional Accreditation Body in the supply chain domain, ASCI aims to contribute to public policy decisions within political, economic, social and environmental contexts that may impact the industry. ASCI actively works towards enhancing the profile and status of supply chain management, maintaining a set of professional standards to enhance capability, building public trust and confidence. For example, in early 2020, in its capacity as Supply Chain Industry Advocate, ASCI has responded to 2020-2021 Pre-budget Submission, participated on the Australian Government Supply Chain Roundtable and the NSW Government’s committee for COVID-19 Impacts and Challenges for Supply Chains, and secured engagement with Standards Australia on a Technical Committee, in the development of probity standards for the supply chains.

    We abide by the following operating principles in our interactions and service offerings:

    1. We will act ethically, with integrity and be trustworthy 
    2. We will promote innovation and excellence
    3. We will work as a team
    4. We will be customer-centric 
    5. We will collaborate inclusively.

    ASCI, as the Professional Accreditation Body for Supply Chain Management, is committed to supporting the advancement of Supply Chain Management through thought leadership, industry advocacy, professional practice, body of knowledge and capability development. We will partner with leading service providers to deliver industry research and professional development offerings including mentoring and global certifications programs. ASCI will work collaboratively with the Industry participants to promote the best practices to build a stronger, more resilient and sustainable supply chains.

  • 31 May 2020 2:21 PM | Anonymous

    Welcome to the new ASCI homepage.

    Whilst the site is in early access until the end of June, we are extremely excited to bring it to you.  Not only does it have a new look, but the whole back end has been replace bringing with it a new Member Portal, eStore and additional functionality we will announce over time.

    The site should work perfectly on any device and you should find it easier and faster to get the information you need.

    Take a look around, there is still much work to be done, but we hope you like what you see.

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