Wake up call: Supply chain leaders to build team capability

Sydney: 4 April 2019: Australasian Supply Chain Institute (ASCI) has developed a program to equip its members with new skills to build capability for the future. 

Established in Australia in 1963 as a not for profit organisation, ASCI facilitates and enables the development and professionalisation of the Australasian Supply Chain Community. The program includes free breakfast events around the country, leadership series, site visits, a national survey resulting in a podcast series and an annual conference, all in an effort to foster supply chain leadership.

ASCI’s annual conference, ASCI2019, will be the flagship event with a theme closely aligned to the program: Technology enabling human excellence in supply chain management.

According to Ivan Imparato, CEO, ASCI, there is scaremongering around how AI and robotics advances such as automated transport spells the end of the human supply chain workforce. 

“Robots are creating opportunities for smart and adaptable supply chain operators to increase their work flow visibility, efficiency, output, make their customers happier, reduce their costs, and free extra time in their work lives to create more value and really grow their businesses,” he said.

In a recent article “Devastating: Robots to take 6.5 million jobs” (AFR, 1 April 2019) Microsoft says business governments and workers are woefully unprepared for robots. ASCI has invited Microsoft to a lively Q&A session on 1 May 2019 to kickstart this program for members. 

“We’re keen to hear Microsoft share their views with our members because we agree that there is a lack of urgency, not at anyone’s fault, in implementing training plans to help people acquire the necessary skills to succeed.”

Launched today, in partnership with Six Degrees and Australian Food & Grocery Council is a member survey “What makes a great supply chain and how will the industry evolve in the future,” which allows for ASCI to listen closely to its members’ requirements. 

“To make this program accessible to all our members around the country, we’re launching a podcast series to communicate the survey results in a casual format to complement our members’ busy schedules, proudly supported by one of our trusted partners, SYSPRO Australasia."

Other events that ASCI is running around the country for this program include the ASCI Leadership Series to hear how successful leaders have built teams and grown their leadership skills and site visits, where ASCI Members can see robotics in action. 

“ASCI has a responsibility to guide its members through turbulent times. We’ve seen some major changes such as manufacturing moving offshore. Now, more than ever before, we are geared to grow the community as a profession,” said Ivan.

Conference: ASCI2019

When:17-19 September 2019

Where:Pullman Melbourne on the Park


Contact:Alicia Boyd, Event Director, 02 7200 2174  M: 0402 231 300

ASCI has followed its Smart Conference traditions and appointed an Advisory Board to ensure the conference delivers return on investment and meets the needs of our valued members. The conference theme will be revealed in the coming weeks.

ASCI CEO, Ivan Imparato, officially launches the conference in the context of the organisation's focus for 2019. Watch our two minute video for more information.