Defence and logistics industry tackle disaster relief scenario at RAAF Base Richmond

ASCI Leadership Cup Winner "Danone"

Logistics experts from Defence and industry have combined their collective experience for scenario-based training at RAAF Base Richmond.

Up to 40 members of the Australasian Supply Chain Institute (ASCI) worked alongside logistics counterparts at RAAF Base Richmond on September 26, responding to a notional cyclone in northern Queensland.

RAAF Logistics Officer, Squadron Leader Ben Barber, said Defence and ASCI members worked in four-person teams to conceive a plan to deliver relief to affected communities.

“We began by simulating their deployment on board a C-130J Hercules Fuselage Trainer, and provided an ‘in-flight’ briefing on the situation,” Squadron Leader Barber said.

“The teams each then developed a plan using Defence assets to overcome damaged infrastructure, deliver relief, and restore services.”

“Throughout this event, the ASCI members were able to understand the operational challenges we face, and share their experience and knowledge with Defence members.”

Each team presented its response plan, with ASCI President Henry Brunekreef announcing the ‘winning’ team of the ASCI Leadership Cup: Danone. 

Pictured: Henry Brunekreef, President, Australasian Supply Chain Institute (right) and Brendan Iddles, Danone (left) accepting the ASCI Leadership Cup

According to Henry Brunekreef, this collaborative event between Australasian Supply Chain Institute and RAAF Richmond was unique for many reasons:

  • Joint public and private enterprise collaboration
  • Unique insight into Defence operations
  • Unique insight into humanitarian supply chains and subsequent problem solving
  • Powerful presentation of current technology and the application to these types of operation

“It’s our hope to make this an annual event to continue a working relationship between the Commonwealth and industry,” Mr Brunekreef said. “In summary, this event tested the knowledge and decision-making of our members, and allowed them to gain new perspectives on supply chain challenges they might not ordinarily experience. A big congratulations to the ASCI Corporate Member, Danone, for winning the challenge and the ASCI Leadership Cup!

“We’d like to thank the RAAF Base Richmond for hosting this scenario, and Oracle as a sponsor for this event.”

Pictured: ASCI Members and Defence in simulation mode having received the Briefing Pack for the mission and travelling to Queensland.

As well as focusing on current challenges for logistics, the event at RAAF Base Richmond provided an opportunity for Oracle to present on emerging technologies within the industry.

Simon Smithers, Oracle’s Cloud Supply-Chain Management Solutions Director, said the field was already being shaped by developments in Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and Internet of Things.

“Having worked with many organisations to modernise their supply chain, we know the transformational effect that emerging technologies such as IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain can have on the supply chain when used in conjunction with the cloud to track, optimise and secure every step.

"The event at RAAF Base Richmond was a great demonstration of this, allowing us all to re-imagine what is possible when emerging technology is combined with a talented group of industry peers, and a fresh outlook on a new challenge.”

The entire mission and its details are available on the ASCI Leadership Round Up digital versionMedia Note: Imagery from this event is available from


Media Note: Imagery from this event is courtesy of Royal Australian Air Force.

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