Australasian Supply Chain Institute President and Chairman of the Board of Directors is Registered as a Practitioner

Sydney, 13 June 2019: Australasian Supply Chain Institute (ASCI), has today announced the ASCI President and Chairman of the Board of Directors, Henry Brunekreef, as a Registered Practitioner under its accreditation scheme. 

Drawing from its 50-year history as a not for profit member-based organisation in supply chain education, ASCI is a neutral entity and well positioned to take on the accreditation representation for the supply chain industry, making available the first evidence-based practitioner registrations for supply chain in Australia. 

Henry is a Registered Practitioner in Logistics (RegPracLog) and joins ASCI CEO, Ivan Imparato, as a Registered Practitioner in Operations (RegPracOps). Other registrants can be found on the ASCI website’s Public Register.

According to Henry Brunekreef, “We currently live in the era of customer experience and supply chains are required to be more agile and flexible in order to provide a more personalised experience. In addition, supply uncertainty and complexity have created a larger risk profile for Australian supply chains. And, last but not least, physical and administrative automation and digitalisation require more knowledge and understanding of supply chain principles by each of the supply chain operators from the warehouse worker, truck driver, demand planner, inventory planner all the way up to the CEO,” he said.

“There are varying opinions about the definition of supply chain amongst us. That’s because there are different elements of supply chain – whether it's warehousing; transportation; planning; strategy; or inventory management. It's all part of supply chain. The most important thing is that we get a common understanding of what supply chain is and what supply chain can provide. I think that’s where ASCI can play a key role with its Supply Chain Management Body of Knowledge. The more we agree on the definition of the career and the role, the better we are placed to build a career that’s sustainable.

“It is our advocacy to members to pursue professionalisation of supply chain management. We’re working closely with the Professional Standards Authority that governs other professions to mirror their best practice framework and we’re making progress towards a formal application to legislate our profession. And Practitioner Registration is the first step we encourage everyone to take,” he said. 

Enquiries for Practitioner Registration, contact Dr Pieter Nagel, head of Professionalisation, ASCI at  


About Australasian Supply Chain Institute

Established in Australia in 1963 as a not for profit organisation, first as APICS and later as apicsAU, now trading as Australasian Supply Chain Institute (ASCI), is the only supply chain industry positioning itself as an accreditation body in Australasia and it supports its members towards Professional and Practitioner Registration through education, training and continued professional development. 

ASCI provides formal education programs, site visits, research, industry presentations and peer learning to its members with a range of opportunities to enrich and grow professional supply chain performance and competence. ASCI is a Premier Channel Partner of APICS and offers APICS certification programs in Australia, as well as other international supply chain management certifications provided by the Institute for Supply Management; and Demand Driven Institute. ASCI membership is available to individuals and provides access to educational programs, a network of industry professionals, real-world learning opportunities, resources and social media networks.

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