Australasian Supply Chain Institute partners with Tertiary Education Quality Standards Agency


Sydney, 15 November 2018: Australasian Supply Chain Institute strengthens its position as an accreditation body via a new agreement with the Tertiary Education Quality Standards Agency to be an expert source of information on higher education supply chain courses of study.

The Tertiary Education Quality Standards Agency (TEQSA) is an Australian government agency that regulates and assures the quality of Australia’s higher education sector.

Australasian Supply Chain Institute (ASCI) is the only not for profit supply chain industry body positioning itself as an accreditation body in Australia. It now joins other accreditation bodies, like CPA Australia and Engineers Australia, on TEQSA’s Professional Accreditation Bodies list and will work with TEQSA to advise and facilitate knowledge in the supply chain domain.

According to a recent ASCI member poll, 41% are currently studying through a higher education provider and a further 60% intend to study with one in the next few years. Currently, 59% are not studying with a higher education provider but only 37% ruled high education out altogether in the next few years.

According to Dr Pieter Nagel, CEO-Professionalisation, ASCI, supply chain management is an increasingly complex discipline with higher education study becoming more and more important in preparing for a career in supply chain management, making this agreement a positive step for the supply chain community in Australia.

“At ASCI, we wanted to be in a position to protect our members’ interests should they commence supply chain-related higher education programs throughout their careers. Now, through the ASCI partnership with TEQSA, they can feel confident that there will be a complementary approach taken to their course accreditation,” he said.

For higher education providers with supply chain related programs, TEQSA and ASCI will work together to reduce regulatory burden through coordinated and streamlined approaches to assessment.

TEQSA CEO Anthony McClaran said that the partnership was a clear sign of the agency’s commitment to collaborating with professional accreditation bodies.

“Partnerships such as this are a vital way of reducing the burden on higher education providers and TEQSA is pleased to continue to grow our partnership network of professional accreditation bodies”.

ASCI has commenced a process of professionalising supply chain management. This process is aimed at developing a framework for standards and consistency in the profession. For more information about ASCI’s progress towards Accreditation, please visit the ASCI website.


About Australasian Supply Chain Institute

Established in Australia in 1963 as a not for profit organisation, apicsAU, now trading as Australasian Supply Chain Institute (ASCI), is the only supply chain industry body positioning itself as an accreditation body in Australasia to supports its members towards Professional and Practitioner Registration through education, training and continued professional development.

ASCI provides formal education programs, site visits, research, industry presentations and peer learning to its members with a range of opportunities to enrich and grow professional supply chain performance and competence. ASCI is a Premier Channel Partner of APICS and offers APICS certification programs in Australia, as well as other international supply chain management certifications provided by the Institute for Supply Management; and Demand Driven Institute. ASCI membership is available to individuals and provides access to educational programs, a network of industry professionals, real-world learning opportunities, resources and social media networks.

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