Australasian Supply Chain Institute partners with National Association of Women in Operations


Sydney, 29 August 2019: Australasian Supply Chain Institute (ASCI) strengthens its position as the Professional Accreditation Body for the Australian Supply Chain Industry in a partnership with the National Association of Women in Operations (NAWO).

ASCI is the only not-for-profit professional accreditation body for supply chain in Australia. It now seeks industry partnerships to strengthen its relevance and accessibility to all supply chain communities, especially minority groups including women in supply chain. 


NAWO is an incorporated not-for-profit association whose mission is to inspire women to take charge of their career, providing meaningful networks, inspiring role models and development opportunities to activate their full potential. It connects businesses through membership, facilitating dialogue, sharing ideas and progressing actions to achieve greater inclusion and gender balance in operations. 

Globally, ASCI’s certification partner, the Association for Supply Chain Management, commenced a Diversity & Inclusion Task Force in 2019, through which ASCI is keen to leverage and explore the outcomes corporate members can achieve for their organisations through diversity programs. 

Locally, the partnership with NAWO provides both member communities with tangible benefits. ASCI first commenced working in partnership with NAWO for its ASCI Leadership Series to celebrate International Women’s Day in 2019, now an annual event on the Leadership Series calendar. Other programs in partnership have included participation in the ASCI2019 Conference Program.


The partnership between ASCI and NAWO will provide:

  • Access to ASCI/NAWO networking programs
  • Discounts for professional development programs, conferences and seminars
  • A six month free NAWO membership to the ASCI Diversity & Inclusion Award winner to be announced at ASCI2019 Conference’s Awards Cocktail Reception
  • An advisory role from NAWO in building the diversity & inclusion criteria for future awards
  • Access to the ASCI Professional Accreditation Scheme

According to Ivan Imparato, CEO, ASCI, diversity is an area that requires specialist knowledge.

“Drawing from the expertise of our collaboration partner NAWO, ASCI can support corporates and individuals to realise the full potential of inclusivity. Likewise, NAWO members will be welcomed into ASCI Programs, allowing us to demonstrate inclusion in our own community. Everything we do at ASCI is to ensure a pathway towards Accreditation.”

NAWO National Director Louise Weine said: “We are really delighted to be partnering with ASCI, as supply chain is a key industry for the NAWO network.  Together we can work towards achieving greater gender diversity in supply chain whilst mutually benefiting from the complementary expertise, insights, role models and connections both organisations will bring.”  



About NAWO

NAWO is a national organisation led by a volunteer Board and State Committees of senior professionals, with a combined corporate and individual membership reaching over 7000 people working or associated with operational roles and industries. NAWO’s mission is to inspire women to take charge of their career by providing meaningful networks, inspiring role models and development opportunities; and to connect businesses through membership - facilitating dialogue, sharing ideas and progressing actions to achieve greater inclusion and gender balance in operations.

For more information on how to become a member please visit www.nawo.orgor contact Fiona Evans, Communications Director on 0422 072 022.


About Australasian Supply Chain Institute


Australasian Supply Chain Institute (ASCI), is the official Professional Accreditation body in Australasia, supporting the industry towards achieving Professional and Practitioner Registration through the ASCI Professional Accreditation Scheme as well as education, training and continued professional development. 

ASCI provides formal education programs, site visits, research, industry presentations and peer learning to its members with a range of opportunities to enrich and grow professional supply chain performance and competence. ASCI is a Premier Channel Partner of ASCM and offers APICS certification programs in Australia, as well as other international supply chain management certifications provided by the Institute for Supply Management; and Demand Driven Institute. ASCI membership is available to individuals and provides access to educational programs, a network of industry professionals, real-world learning opportunities, resources and social media networks.

Please visit for more information about our registrations, memberships and programs. For more information, or to arrange an interview, please contact Monique Fenech on 0439 320 152.