Australasian Supply Chain Institute announces collaboration with Risk Management Institute of Australasia

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Australasian Supply Chain Institute announces collaboration with 

Risk Management Institute of Australasia 

Sydney, 31 July 2018: Australasian Supply Chain Institute (ASCI), has announced a collaboration agreement with the Risk Management Institute of Australasia (RMIA) to help its members mitigate risk in their supply chains. 

The collaboration with the RMIA came about in response to ASCI’s recent announcement of its accreditation role for supply chain management and the associated professional framework which includes the formation of an Industry Risk Committee whose remit will be to assess direct risks of supply chain management to the consumer. A recent ASCI survey found that incidents negatively affecting its members’ supply chains were happening frequently – for 11% of respondents: more than 40 times a year.* 

“It’s not a surprise that there are so many incidents happening in supply chains,” said Scott Ryrie, CEO, RMIA. “Just in time inventory is strongly favoured these days for cost reasons and fewer distribution centres/suppliers causes increased concentration risk. In addition, accurate information is required to analyse where the problems can occur in order to lower the risk of disruption,” he said.

Under the collaboration, RMIA will share best practice expertise at ASCI’s Networking Breakfast Series, free to members. Likewise, ASCI Members will be invited to RMIA’s networking event series of events and will share its best practice knowledge via free resources via the ASCI website. 

According to the ASCI Vice President, Ivan Imparato, ASCI’s launch of the first evidence-based practitioner registrations for supply chain in Australia last month is the first step in positioning as an accreditation body to address skills gaps formore informed daily business decisions in the supply chain.

“At ASCI, we’re committed to assisting our members in identifying skills gaps and, through education and training and our latest Practitioner Registrations, we’re proving one gold standard for supply chain which will improve decisions made in the supply chain and mitigate risk,” he said. “Collaborating with RMIA delivers additional benefits to our members, offering broader business perspectives on applications of risk mitigation and management in the supply chain.”

ASCI’s three Practitioner Registrations are ASCI RegisteredOperations Practitioner RegPrac(Ops); ASCI RegisteredLogistics Practitioner RegPrac(Log); and ASCI RegisteredProcurement Practitioner RegPrac(Proc). 

A further designation to made available 2019 is ASCI’s Professional Registration for the registration of Professional Supply Chain Managers (PrSCM), which represents knowledge and experience across all three sectors in the supply chain management domain. ASCI is also actively pursuing legislation of Supply Chain Management as a profession.


 *The State of Supply Chain Management 2018 

About Australasian Supply Chain Institute

Established in Australia in 1963 as a not for profit organisation, first as APICS and later as apicsAU, now trading as Australasian Supply Chain Institute (ASCI), is the only supply chain industry positioning itself as an accreditation body in Australasia and it supports its members towards Professional and Practitioner Registration through education, training and continued professional development. 

ASCI provides formal education programs, site visits, research, industry presentations and peer learning to its members with a range of opportunities to enrich and grow professional supply chain performance and competence. ASCI is a Premier Channel Partner of APICS and offers APICS certification programs in Australia, as well as other international supply chain management certifications provided by the Institute for Supply Management; and Demand Driven Institute. ASCI membership is available to individuals and provides access to educational programs, a network of industry professionals, real-world learning opportunities, resources and social media networks.

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