ASCI Sponsor announcement: Rob Stummer Appointed CEO of SYSPRO Australasia

News release

Rob Stummer Appointed CEO of SYSPRO Australasia

Sydney: 18 March 2019: Rob Stummer has been appoined as Chief Executive Officer for SYSPRO Australasia.

According to SYSPRO Group CEO, Phil Duff, Rob is lauded as a strategic technology industry leader.

"I am confident that Rob will apply his vast experience in ERP to deliver exceptional customer and growth across the Australasia region. He has held executive positions in private as well as publicly listed companies including KPMG, Accenture and most recently IFS," he says.

"Rob will be instrumental in aligning strategy, leadership and culture to develop stronger relationships with customers and partners. He displays great vision and his approach to creating ‘strategy with purpose’ will drive significant improvements going forward."

"I am excited to have someone of Rob’s calibre leading this region and I wish Rob all the best in this important role," said Phil.