Adjuno announced as ASCI Corporate Sponsor 


Adjuno announced as ASCI Corporate Sponsor 

Sydney, 31 July 2017: ASCI is pleased to announce Adjuno as a new Corporate Sponsor with an exciting program to educate the Australian supply chain and logistics community in its solution.

Adjuno is a technology provider of cloud-based sourcing and supply chain management solutions. Modular and highly configurable, its cloud-based solutions allow retailers to optimise their processes, save time, and reduce frictions and costs. Adjuno offers a uniquely flexible solution that enables superior visibility and control of retail and insurance supply chains.

According to its local representative and former customer as head of import supply chain at Bunnings, Paul de Guingand, Adjuno has an advanced and highly specialised event and critical path management tool, perfect for sourcing and/or supply chain managers, merchandise managers, and buyers or category managers to consider for their supply chains.

“What sets the Adjuno solution apart is that our modules commence well prior to the Purchase Order or the container booking.  Our systems manage Vendor performance – Sourcing Procuring – Bid Quote – Purchasing – right through to Supply Chain Management, Adjuno covers all aspects of product lifecycle  management (PLM), logistics management, vendor management, and landed costing.Adjuno provides a complete ‘Concept to Cash’ solution.” 

Adjuno works with retailers to design, build, test and deploy optimum supply chain management systems for each organisation’s individual needs. Providing the fastest-to-value solutions at an accessible price point, Adjuno helps companies tackle some of the biggest challenges posed by the modern customer.

According to Bashir Mourad, APICS facilitator, who attended a Adjuno product demonstration, the Adjuno solution is an end to end supply chain offering which is quite rare and impressive in its design and depth.

According to Dr Pieter Nagel, CEO, ASCI, Adjuno will add value to ASCI members by offering practical and necessary technical knowledge.

“We welcome Adjuno into our community and look forward to establishing some interactive learning experiences for members throughout the year.”

Under the sponsorship, Adjuno will provide opportunities for members to test and explore the solution through webinars, guest blogs, whitepapers and networking events.


About Adjuno

Adjuno is a technology provider focused on critical-path and process optimisation, with a uniquely flexible cloud-based solution that enables superior visibility and control of retail and insurance supply chains. Modular and highly configurable, their systems allow retailers to optimise their processes,  and apply best of breed systems for sourcing, PLM and supply chain management, adapted for each organisation’s individual needs. With over 20 years’ experience in delivering supply chain intelligence, Adjuno have a global client base spanning across UK, Europe, America, South Africa, and Australasia. 

About ASCI

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