Become an ASCI member and benefit from respected qualifications, real-world thinking, bespoke programs and networking opportunities that accelerate supply chain performance and career growth.

In today's fiercely competitive marketplace, you must continuously look for ways to achieve professional growth as a company and as an employee. We can assist you to obtain the skills, knowledge and professional networks that set you apart from the rest. 

The Australasian Supply Chain Institute (ASCI) exists to foster professionalism iwithin the supply chain industry.   It specialises in providing education and learning opportunities for the management of resources and supply chain, including production and inventory management, warehousing and distribution, procurement and materials management and logistics and distribution.  

Operating in Australia since 1963 under the previous name of apicsAU, ASCI is a non-profit organisation, with activities in NSW, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia and South Australia.

In addition to extensive education programs, ASCI offers local activities that facilitate the exchange and advancement of practical knowledge, ideas and techniques. Activities include meetings, short courses, site visits and conferences.  

ASCI membership is your gateway to the supply chain industry, latest research and learning to enhance your career.


Access to professionalism

  • Career support and representation through ASCI's mission to professionalise supply chain management
  • Protection of high professional standards through an ethics management program and liability (Subject to professional standards legislation)
  • Career guidance through Professional Pathways in supply chain management including operations management, procurement and logistics

Access to knowledge

  • Global certifications
  • Global and local white papers, research reports, industry news, ASCI Lounge podcasts and ASCI blogs
  • Excellence through awards programs
  • Career advise from our recruitment partners and jobs via the ASCI Career Centre
  • Scholarship programs
  • Site visits, networking events and webinars

Access to industry involvement

  • ASCI Mentoring Program
  • ASCI Initiative Professional Review Panels
  • Chapter Committees
  • Keynote presentations to networking events
  • APICS STEM project

Access to industry connections and continuous learning

  • International and local connections to other members
  • Exclusive roundtables
  • Panel discussions
  • ASCI Conferences
  • ASCI partnered conferences 


Practitioner and Professional Memberships


ASCI offers membership for their Registered Practioners and Professionals.  To find out more please contact


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ASCI membership is your gateway to the supply chain industry, latest research and learning to enhance your career.


ASCI Corporate Membership demonstrates your commitment to best practice and excellence whilst expanding your team's proficiency in supply chain.