Maintenance Requirements

To maintain your registration, you are required to obtain 75 CPD Points over three years. If your registration period is other than three years, you should complete CPD on a pro-rata basis.

Renewing Registration

When renewing your registration, you must have completed Continuing Professional Development (CPD) that meets the ASCI requirements.

Complying with the ASCI CPD requirements will assist you to maintain knowledge and skills relevant to your Practitioner Registration, which is one of your obligations under the ASCI Standards of Registration.

Types of Activities that count for CPD Points

Any Supply Chain related education activity that maintains, develops or promotes your skills, knowledge or attributes, is considered to be a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activity under the ASCI CPD Policy.

You must also exercise your professional judgment in selecting relevant activities to count towards your CPD. ASCI does not accredit CPD activities or prescribe particular topics for CPD activities.

CPD activities considered appropriate, subject to ASCI CPD Endorsement, under the ASCI CPD Policy include:

  • seminars, workshops, webinars, courses and lectures
  • structured conferences and discussion groups
  • other education activities provided by an appropriate organisation
  • attendance at structured in-house training on Supply Chain related subjects by persons or organisations with suitable qualifications and/or practical experience in the subject area covered
  • attendance at appropriate ASCI seminars and presentations
  • relevant CPD activities provided to members and non-members by a professional association that collaborates with ASCI

Recording CPD Activities

You should maintain a record and evidence of the CPD activities that you have completed by uploading your supporting documentation against your member profile on the ASCI Members Portal. All documentation i.e. Certificates of Attendance, need to include the details of the activities and the hours completed.

Records of your CPD Points should be kept for six years, unless you are an ASCI Member, in which case records should be kept in accordance with the requirements of the ASCI Member Management System.

ASCI may request evidence or confirmation of the CPD activities that you have completed. This may require you to provide a copy of your CPD Log. We have developed a CPD Log that you may like to use to assist with your record keeping requirements. This log is downloadable from the ASCI Website.

Special Circumstances that affect your CPD Points

There may be extenuating circumstances where you are unable to complete the minimum CPD Points. If you experience such circumstances, you should exercise your professional judgment in this regard and keep appropriate records in relation to your situation.

Examples of situations where it might not be possible for you to complete the minimum amount of CPD Points include:

  • illness
  • disability
  • financial or other hardship

In these types of circumstances, we will consider appropriate relief from the minimum amount of CPD hours, provided you can demonstrate that you have attempted to use the flexibility of your CPD period to manage any extenuating circumstances to comply with our CPD requirements.

Registration Renewal Due Dates

Registration renewal needs to be submitted at least one month prior to the expiry of registration as Professionals and Practitioners are due to renew their registration by the third anniversary of their initial registration or subsequent registration renewals.