ASCI Webinar | Aligning Company Objectives and Stock Placement | 1 CPD

1:00pm Wednesday, 13 May 2020
2:00pm Wednesday, 13 May 2020
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Aligning Company Objectives and Stock Placement 

Putting the right stock at the right place at the right time has been the supply planner enigma for as long as we can remember. 

What is the right balance between the stores' inventory and the central warehouse? What should be the frequency in which we replenish our stores? What are the minimum quantities we should stock and replenish in? Is there a golden rule we can apply to this problem?

Well the right answer is – it all depends! Different business will have different objectives in terms of revenue, service levels, business growth and market share, regulation and contractual obligations to name a few. Each business must align its inventory planning with its business strategy which will be different in each case. 

Join us to hear from Mark Watson - Group Forecasting/Planning Manager at the Inenco Group – on his personal journey and key learnings while answering these questions and designing the processes and systems to support the Inenco Group goals and strategies.

Learn how to measure and track goals, as well as problem solving techniques for:

  • Support warehouses
  • Fair share logic for low level stock
  • Automatic excess movements
  • Auto release of replenishments and external purchases to increase productivity
  • Supplier relationship

Don't miss this practical webinar with ongoing discussions to take place in our Slow Moving Parts Special Interest Group on LinkedIn.

Keynote Presenter

Mark Watson has 20+yrs experience of all aspects of supply chain planning in industries that have varied from FMCG (food), gaming, dairy commodities and now industrial wholesale.  At the same time, Mark has worked across demand to production planning in both consultant and operational roles in a variety of countries and has been involved in planning system design, implementation and improvements.  

Mark's experience enables him to identify those things that are common or different to each planning problem and then design a process, a team and a solution that can be undertaken by the planners themselves in a practical manner.


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