Certified Sales and Operations Planning (CS&OP)

ASCI offers training for those wishing to achieve the Certified Sales and Operations Planning designation


The S&OP Institute CS&OP program

The S&OP Institute offers the ONLY trademarked certification in Sales and Operations Planning to make you better equipped for today's business world and serves certification seekers worldwide. 

Sales and Operations Planning is a set of decision making processes that balance demand and supply, integrate financial and operational planning, and link high-level strategy to ongoing, day-to-day operations. Our educational resources provide a wealth of information on S&OP, sufficient to become certified given a proper level of study.


Benefits of the S&OP Institute CS&OP

  • Help your company improve customer service, inventory turns, financial planning, new product launch, supply chain performance and more – via increased effectiveness in its S&OP processes
  • Evaluate your current S&OP processes rigorously and identify areas for improvement
  • Introduce best practice S&OP processes into your company
  • Become a more valued player in your organization
  • Enhance your professional stature and thus your future


Prepare for the S&OP Institute CS&OP exam 

  1. Read the CS&OP Study Guide (which includes an outline of the exam content, FAQs and exam practice questions)
  2. Attend an Instructor led CS&OP Review Course - Delivered via over 4x 2 hour Virtual Classroom sessions
  3. Purchase the CS&OP Primary References necessary to pass the exam
  4. Sign up for the exam - Purchase via the S&OP Institute Bookstore 

The exam is taken electronically using almost any web cam and computer, you can sit the exam at home, at work or anywhere you have internet access.  Exams are proctored via webcam.

How does this fit with the APICS certifications offered by ASCI?

The best practice approach to S&OP covered in this course is aligned with the APICS Body of Knowledge and the principles covered in APICS CPIM and CSCP programs. The CS&OP can therefore be attained as either a first step in your APICS education, or as an additional, more focussed qualification to your CPIM or CSCP certifications.