ASCI Corporate Members

ASCI Corporate Members

ASCI Corporate Memberships are offered to any group, organisation, industry body, institution, academia or community group that requires inclusion and connection to Australasia's Premier Supply Chain Institute responsible for professionalising supply chain management. 

An ASCI Corporate Membership will allow your organisation to meet its future suppliers, partners and customers and/or present either via our executive events, networking, or at our conferences and awards dinners. More importantly, ASCI Corporate Membership demonstrates your commitment to best practice and excellence whilst expanding your team's proficiency in supply chain.

Through the ASCI Corporate Membership, we’re making connections with best practice thinking from thought leaders and peers across a range of different industries and sectors. We particularly like the ASCI approach to global certification and professional pathways for operations, logistics and procurement and plan to develop our people to stay ahead of today’s ever changing supply chain domain. We look forward to meeting other ASCI Members and sharing our knowledge and insights with the community. Ryan Jones, Manager, Integrated Demand Planning, nbn Co

Each individual employee under the ASCI Corporate Membership receives the Individual Membership benefits of an ASCI Member or ASCI Plus Member:

Access to professionalism
•    Career support and representation through ASCI's mission to professionalise supply chain management
•    Protection of high professional standards through an ethics management program and liability (Subject to professional standards legislation)
•    Career guidance through Professional Pathways in supply chain management including operations management, procurement and logistics

Access to knowledge
•    Global certifications
•    Global and local white papers, research reports, industry news, ASCI Lounge podcasts and ASCI blogs
•    Excellence through awards programs
•    Career advice from our recruitment partners and jobs via the ASCI Career Centre
•    Scholarship programs
•    Site visits, networking events and webinars

Access to industry involvement
•    ASCI Mentoring Program
•    ASCI Initiative Professional Review Panels
•    Chapter Committees
•    Keynote presentations to networking events
•    APICS STEM project

Access to industry connections and continuous learning
•    International and local connections to other members
•    Executive roundtables
•    Panel discussions
•    ASCI Conferences and ASCI partnered conferences 

To best maximise value for your organisation, ASCI offers volume incentives to ensure your whole supply chain team benefits from our membership. To find out more about ASCI Corporate Membership visit the Corporate Membership page on our website or contact our National Office today.