ASCI has chapters across Australia.

Purpose of the Chapters

ASCI's Board of Directors strongly promotes local chapters as a means of encouraging individual ASCI members to become involved with supply chain management issues within their own area. Participation in a local chapter allows the individual member to become knowledgeable about local standards of supply chain management and such topics as legislative and public policy, quality improvement, and professional education. 


Benefits of chapter membership include: 

  • The opportunity to network with other supply chain professionals 
  • Promote advocacy and share ideas/concerns related to supply chain management, operations, logistics and procurement
  • The opportunity to work as a unified group to initiate and maintain high standards of quality within the industry
  • Initiate quality improvement, and to participate in research studies related to supply chain management and its sectors
  • The opportunity to plan and participate in educational programs/workshops on a local level.
  • The opportunity to contribute to ASCI podcasts, blogs and webinars and to be seen as an industry thought leader
  • Participation in the development of programs for ASCI conferences
  • Participation in the selection of ASCI Award and Scholarship winners


ASCI Membership

Whilst it is a requirement that all Chapter Members hold an ASCI Membership to initially take up a seat on the chapter, upon renewal, a complimentary membership will be applied providing the member has sat on the chapter for a minimum six months.
Should a chapter member be viewed as not actively participating, their complimentary membership may be revoked and should they still hold a place on the chapter, the member will need to purchase membership.


If you would like to Join a Chapter please click on this link to express interest.