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The Australasian Supply Chain Institute prides itself on offering the "gold standard" in Supply Chain global professional certifications, through our partnerships with ASCM/APICS, ISM and VCare Academy. 

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ASCI has held the Premier Channel Partner status in Australia for over a decade. 

As an APICS Channel Partner, ASCI can resell all APICS Learning Materials and Exams and offer Certification Courses using Accredited APICS Facilitators. 

ASCI can also offer the International Joint Membership to their members giving access to digital resources, the APICS Dictionary and discounts on Learning Systems and Exams. 

Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP)

The CSCP program helps you demonstrate your knowledge and organisational skills for developing more streamlined operations. Since its launch in 2006, more than 25,000 professionals in 100 countries have earned the CSCP designation.

  • Increase your salary - on average designees see a 21% increase
  • APICS Certified individuals report salaries 18% higher than those with other certifications
  • Maximise your organisation's ERP investments
  • Effectively manage global end-to-end supply chain activities
  • Increase your professional value and secure your future

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Certified in Planning and Inventory Management (CPIM)

Preferred by employers worldwide, the APICS CPIM is recognised globally as the standard of professional competence. Increase functional knowledge of production and inventory management, improve internal operations and increase customer satisfaction.

Through the CPIM preparation and exam process, you will gain knowledge, learn skills and best practices required to execute, control and improve internal operations within the four walls of your company.

  • Increase your salary - on average designees see a 21% increase
  • APICS Certified individuals report salaries 18% higher than those with other certifications
  • Career advancement
  • Professional growth
  • Increased credibility and recognition
  • Demonstrated commitment to advancing your career and your company’s operations

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Certified in Logistics, Transport and Distribution (CLTD)

The CLTD program helps you demonstrate in-depth knowledge of a broad range of supply chain logistics topics to set you apart from your peers — proving your high level of knowledge and skills.

  • Increase your salary - on average designees see a 21% increase
  • APICS Certified individuals report salaries 18% higher than those with other certifications
  • Gain recognition in the field as a logistics expert
  • Build credibility and set yourself apart from peers
  • Learn latest trends in global supply chain logistics
  • Impact your organisation's bottom line
  • Demonstrate logistics mastery of knowledge

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Institute for Supply Management (ISM)

ASCI has held the Australian partnership with ISM since 2017.

Under our partnership ASCI provide the Digital Edition of ISM's Certified Professional in Supply Management (CPSM).

Certified Professional in Supply Management (CPSM)

Built on an in-depth analysis of supply management functions across industries, the CPSM program addresses the realities of supply management, as well as workplace complexities as globalisation, use of technology, and expanded competencies that supply management professionals employ to drive value in their organisations.

By earning a CPSM designation, you attain a greater understanding of end-to-end supply management and are better positioned to positively impact your organisation.

  • Those with an ISM certificatoin earn 10.7% more on average than those without
  • Companies seek candidates who engage in continuing education
  • Demonstrate your mastery of a rigorous curriculum that is globally recognised
  • Drive execution, deliver results, and provide expertise by earning your certification

VCARE Academy

ASCI Academy became the Australian and New Zealand Knowledge Partner for VCARE in 2020.

As Knowledge Partner for VCARE, ASCI can offer the Certified Stores and Stock Controller (CSSC) along with their growing suite of resources and professional development programs.

Certified Stores and Stock Controller (CSSC)

The Certified Stores and Stock Controller (CSSC) program is one of the best certification programs in the field of supply chain management. This program helps employers to provide an exceptional kick-start to transform both new and current employees to a work-to-do professional status to reach a high level of productivity in a very short time.

The CSSC Program provides the learners with a practical hands-on platform on which to develop their skills, both in the classroom and in the workplace. We left the theory at the door!

CSSC program enable employers to identify where the knowledge and training gaps are within their organization. Having a well-qualified and certified staff is a great competitive advantage and branding tool for a world-class business.

The CSSC is expected to be available through ASCI in late 2020.  Express Your Interest to undertake this certification and be the first to find out when it is available.

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