The ASCI Board

Dean Newman - President

Dean Newman is a strong communicator and relationship builder with significant experience as a senior professional of more than 25 years.

Dean has demonstrated sustained delivery in: Sales; Marketing; Finance; Organisational Strategy Formation; eCommerce; Mergers & Acquisitions; Manufacturing; Logistics; Supply Chain and People Management.

Being well qualified, Dean has an MBA (Corporate Finance and Accounts); Masters of Management (Integrated Supply Chain Management); BA (Industrial Psychology) and is a CPL (Certified Professional Logistician).

Dean migrated to Australia from South Africa in 2001 and has since held senior executive and supply chain management roles within the Rolling Stock, FMCG and 3PL markets. Dean has demonstrated leadership in large teams with strong emphasis on developing a positive culture. Key to Dean's historical and current success is to establish trust quickly and create a fun and supportive environment.


Henry Brunekreef - Vice President

Henry Brunekreef is a Senior Manager with nearly 20 years of industry and consultancy expertise in leading organisations to operations excellence, with extensive domestic and international experience in all aspects of Supply Chain, Customer Service, Logistics and Project / Change Management. First-class strategic thinking, networking and interpersonal skills allow him to create high performing teams and drive necessary change. Is result driven whilst constantly focusing on customer requirements.



Laynie Kelly

An accomplished marketing and communications executive and advisor with more than 20 years corporate development experience in the technology, food & beverage, automotive and media sectors, managing sales and creative project teams.

Currently, Laynie is the Marketing Manager Asia Pacific for a leading European provider of distribution management software for Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Automotive Aftermarket, Publishing, Wholesale Distribution and 3PL industries.

Laynie is also the founder of the Marketing Muscle consultancy. Why that name? Because she loves both Marketing and Bodybuilding. She is a fighter against mediocrity in marketing, branding tactics, and sales performance, abhors waste and overpriced weak strategies. Creativity without responsibility and function is art, not advertising. the Marketing Muscle branding firm helps businesses and thought leaders achieve branding clarity on their mission and purpose, and increase their marketing performance. Laynie has built a solid foundation of clients through her branding and common sense services. Laynie specialises in applying her expertise and market knowledge to consistently exceed the marketing performance of her clients.


Phillip Ow

Supply chain optimization and transformation specialist with deep experience in leading cross functional process teams in challenging environment. I have strong process improvement, materials planning and optimization, change management and systems implementation capability across demand planning, supply planning, inventory management, warehouse management, transportation and distribution management. I am a lean practitioner and strong promoter of agile supply chain networks and agile project management methodology for complex and fast changing business environment.



Geoff Palm

I am a passionate advocate of continuous improvement and learning. coming from my background in manufacturing, resources and oil & gas. My experience is with companies like Carrier and Honeywell and over three years as a trainer/assessor.

A successful CI approach is about cultural change and the management of that change. The second critical part of CI is developing systems that break down problems and meet the needs of your company. The value add is meeting the needs of the customer, whether internal or external. Both must see value for any system to work.

I believe we should challenge the status quo of any system that does not look at re-inventing itself. I have taken this journey as a consultant and trainer after 30 years of gaining my knowledge. I look forward to imparting these skills to those companies and individuals I meet along the way.


Luke Wood

Luke is a strategic thinker and leader experienced in the creation and management of critical supply chain solutions.

Luke graduated from the University of Huddersfield in 1996 with a BSc (Hons) in Transport & Distribution Management. He moved to Australia in 2001, deploying technology into industrialised settings through various start-ups, consulting and smaller companies.  Most recently he spent 8 years in the US founding and running a company which focuses on supply chain & asset management solutions for the oil industry. Returning to Australia Luke joined Woolworths as part of the supply chain transformation team.  

Luke has extensive experience in the design & delivery of complex technology strategies, managing to profitability, innovation, motivation and consensus building. International experience in many industrial verticals with strong client facing skills are the pillars of his career.

Luke is well used to working at scale and across disparate stakeholder landscapes.  As comfortable in the boardroom as he is on the warehouse floor. At heart, he is a passionate innovator with a strategic mind.


Ivan Imparato

A senior Program Manager / General Manager in the Supply Chain industry with highly transferable skills and value proposition of leadership driving efficiencies in a BAU environment, transformational change in highly complex and quality driven environments, with a customer service mindset.

A comprehensive career with a globally iconic / leading brand in the automotive industry. Deliverables include - a sustainable customer service model underpinned by inventory optimisation, financial management, developing high performance teams within a strong governance framework of process, systems and a continuous improvement.

An earned reputation for “making it happen”.  This is as a direct result of consistently delivering on program outcomes – large, small, complex, transformational, high profile – in a quality driven and customer centric environment; balancing resources across BAU and strategic projects; develop and sustain collaborative stakeholder relationships; engage, empower and motivate teams to ensure each team member understands why and how valuable their contribution is to the overall business strategy.