The ASCI Board

Henry Brunekreef - President

Henry Brunekreef is a Director in the Australian Operations Advisory Group and the National Lead for Supply Chain for KPMG Australia, specialising in supply chain strategy development and Target Operating Model design. 

He brings over 20 years’ experience in supply chain strategy design & implementation, transformation change management, business planning and operations management. Henry has worked with clients in Europe, South Africa, North America and Australia. Sector experience includes retail, consumer products, industrial markets, life sciences, health, telco and mining.



Geoff Palm - Treasurer

I am a passionate advocate of continuous improvement and learning. coming from my background in manufacturing, resources and oil & gas. My experience is with companies like Carrier and Honeywell and over three years as a trainer/assessor.

A successful CI approach is about cultural change and the management of that change. The second critical part of CI is developing systems that break down problems and meet the needs of your company. The value add is meeting the needs of the customer, whether internal or external. Both must see value for any system to work.

I believe we should challenge the status quo of any system that does not look at re-inventing itself. I have taken this journey as a consultant and trainer after 30 years of gaining my knowledge. I look forward to imparting these skills to those companies and individuals I meet along the way.


Inderjeet Verdi - Secretary

Inderjeet is a strategic thinker who is able to lead and manage multidisciplinary teams with complex commercial and regulatory environment. Inderjeet leads by example in undertaking analytical tasks, engaging with stakeholders and producing deliverables. Inderjeet delivers productive and effective client services. He has the ability to communicate with people from diverse social and cultural backgrounds, engendering a broad and inclusive leadership approach to achieve business objectives. 

Inderjeet possesses a superior understanding of contemporary asset management, program/project management methodologies, and has a proven record of delivery. He has excellent analytical problem-solving skills coupled with the ability to analyse complex and imperfect information and formulate creative and practical solutions.

Inderjeet deploys his specialist capability in corporate governance, risk and compliance management to enhance corporate reputation and performance. Leading cross function teams, he has worked on many high profile business transformation projects and programs for demanding clients across a wide range of industrial and public sector environments within the Asia Pacific Region.

He has been an active committee member of the ASCI NSW Committee over the years.

Ivan Imparato - Director

A senior Program Manager / General Manager in the Supply Chain industry with highly transferable skills and value proposition of leadership driving efficiencies in a BAU environment, transformational change in highly complex and quality driven environments, with a customer service mindset.

A comprehensive career with a globally iconic / leading brand in the automotive industry. Deliverables include - a sustainable customer service model underpinned by inventory optimisation, financial management, developing high performance teams within a strong governance framework of process, systems and a continuous improvement.

An earned reputation for “making it happen”.  This is as a direct result of consistently delivering on program outcomes – large, small, complex, transformational, high profile – in a quality driven and customer centric environment; balancing resources across BAU and strategic projects; develop and sustain collaborative stakeholder relationships; engage, empower and motivate teams to ensure each team member understands why and how valuable their contribution is to the overall business strategy.


Alexandra Riha - Director

Alexandra’s supply chain career path started almost 25 years ago in the pharmaceutical industry, acquiring experience throughout the entire supply chain on all different levels – locally, regionally and globally.  Starting off in a pharmaceutical manufacturing site in Austria, Alexandra has acquired broad knowledge along the end to end process in different roles involving all kind of stake holders (manufacturers, suppliers, regulators, distributors and commercial partners). 

Strategic thinking, process orientation with having the customer and costs in mind, Alexandra is a passionate supply chain professional with a proven track record in different leadership roles.  Over the years she have had to set up, reorganise, adopt technically and rebuild supply chains across Europe, Asia and Australia to make them more efficient and commercially viable. 

Personally, Alexandra is very dedicated and focused, but also very people and technology oriented.  


Amanda Rawstron - Director

Amanda joined the industry over twenty years ago, providing professional services at KPMG and then rose to senior positions with Toll Holdings, NBN Co., CEVA Logistics, Crimson & Co and Kings Transport. Amanda now runs the boutique logistics consulting practice, Logar Consulting. Amanda is passionate about people and introducing logistics, operations and supply chain management to new graduates and professionals joining the industry. Amanda holds a Bachelor of Business in Transport and Logistics Management (with Distinction) and Masters of Business Administration Executive (MBA Executive) and is a member of the RMIT School of Vocational Business Education Industry Advisory Committee for the Program areas of International Business and Logistics.


Laynie Kelly - Special Qualification Director

An accomplished marketing and communications executive and advisor with more than 20 years corporate development experience in the technology, food & beverage, automotive and media sectors, managing sales and creative project teams.

Currently, Laynie is the Australasian Regional Marketing Manager for a global ERP provider of indusrtry-built software for manufacturers and distributors.

Laynie is also the founder of the Marketing Muscle consultancy. Why that name? Because she loves both Marketing and Bodybuilding. She is a fighter against mediocrity in marketing, branding tactics, and sales performance, abhors waste and overpriced weak strategies. Creativity without responsibility and function is art, not advertising. the Marketing Muscle branding firm helps businesses and thought leaders achieve branding clarity on their mission and purpose, and increase their marketing performance. Laynie has built a solid foundation of clients through her branding and common sense services. Laynie specialises in applying her expertise and market knowledge to consistently exceed the marketing performance of her clients.


Renu Agarwal - Special Qualification Director

Associate Professor Renu Agarwal is the Director of Strategic Supply Chain Management Programs at UTS Business, University of Technology Sydney. As a Research Director for management practices research projects since 2008, Renu has been instrumental in managing several management practices federal and state government research project grants to examine the Impact of Management Practices on Firm/Hospital Performance as part of a global research study conducted by the London School of Economics/Stanford and McKinsey. More recently, Renu and her team designed the Australian Management Capability Survey funded by DIIS, Canberra in collaboration with ABS. Currently they are investigating gaps in productivity and management quality of firms, and that better overall, strategic, supply chain, environmental and digital management practices can have a positive impact on Australia’s economic growth, competitiveness, and policy making.