The Swissotel - May 23rd and 24th 2018


Australasian Supply Chain Institute (ASCI) is pleased to announce its first conference, ASCI2018, as part of its strategy to professionalise supply chain management.

ASCI is Australasia’s Premier Professional Supply Chain Community, operating as a non-profit, membership community. As an Institute, ASCI is committed to facilitating and enabling the development and professionalisation of the Australasian Supply Chain Community.

ASCI is an endorsement partner for many supply chain-related events, matching the Supply Chain Management Body of Knowledge (SCMBoK) against conference and training programs in supply chain management. 

Now, for the first time, ASCI will deliver its very own conference, specifically programmed against its SCMBoK for the most concentrated source of CPD maintenance points (20 points) for ASCI Members with APICS and Demand Driven Institute global certifications. 

According to Dr Pieter Nagel, CEO, ASCI, the conference, ASCI2018: Building customer-centric supply chains in a digital era to be held on 23 and 24 May 2018 in Sydney’s Swissotel, will allow for supply chain managers to receive some clarity around the latest industry developments amidst a rapidly changing supply chain landscape.

“The world is experiencing major disruptions. CEOs see more threats today versus three years ago, up 78% according to a recent study.* As e-Commerce turns the spotlight onto the supply chain, Operations, Logistics and Supply practitioners have a huge responsibility to offset these threats, leverage new technologies and build faster, better global supply chains,” he said. “More than ever, these practitioners need to be at the top of their game, working together across functions within the organisation, and building the capability to respond to e-Commerce. Equally important is that this theme is addressed in relation to the technical best practice knowledge on which ASCI has laid its foundations.”

ASCI2018 is a unique opportunity to engage the organisation’s entire supply chain, logistics and procurement teams in a professional learning experience. At this event, delegates will gain the e-Commerce smarts required to satisfy customers’ insatiable appetite for online and customised purchases that are ever-available and delivered ever-faster that previously. 

“At ASCI, we’re passionate about helping members re-position themselves for sustainability in light of major disruptions,” said Dr Pieter Nagel, CEO, ASCI. “These major disruptions are coming thick and fast. We need to protect and educate our members so they can respond to such change.”

ASCI recently announce its strategic endorsement partnership with Akolade, who ASCI has now selected to run its conference, ASCI2018

“We are very impressed with the quality and relevance of Akolade’s leading-edge, well researched events which we have been participating as the Endorsement Partner,” said Dr Pieter Nagel.  “Akolade has demonstrated the expertise and professional approach we require to run ASCI2018 and we look forward to collaborating yet again on our very own conference.”

According to Fred Adel, Managing Director, Akolade, “ASCI2018 is a two-day conference program with pre-conference executive programs and post conference training programs, designed to deliver value to all levels of the organization. Furthermore, the two-day conference will feature four program streams specific for supply chain, operations, logistics and supply practitioners, designed to simplify selection of attendance to various technical presentations. These streams particularly address the key subsectors of the supply chain industry.”


ASCI2018 | Building customer-centric supply chains in a digital era

When: 23 & 24 May 2018

Where: The Swissotel, Sydney


Join us at ASCI2018 to:

  • Gain clarity and context to e-Commerce from supply chain and logistics perspectives
  • Hear from the most integral players in e-Commerce and what’s their view of future supply chains 
  • Be inspired and benchmark your own efforts against local Australian companies who have achieved success through e-Commerce innovations 
  • Encourage cross functional participation and challenge your supply chain team to participate in a Beer Game Simulation that will test your team’s critical thinking skills and understanding of the Bullwhip effect
  • Network with other delegates through engaging forums designed to generate discussions, share learnings and meet like-minded peers

Who should attend

ASCI Members who are Directors, C-level Executives and General Managers, Chief Supply Chain Officers, Supply Chain Directors, Heads of Operations, Heads of Supply Chain, Heads of Procurement, Heads of Logistics, Purchasing Officers, Category Managers, Category Specialists, Procurement Managers, Procurement Consultants, Production Planners, Materials Planners, Inventory Controllers, Replenishment Planners, Supply Chain Analysts, Supply Chain Planners, Supply Chain Managers, Supply Planners, Demand Planners, Demand Planning Managers, Supply Chain Consultants, Logistics Managers, Transport Managers, Distribution Centre Managers and Warehouse Managers.

For more information or to register your organisation’s supply chain team to ASCI2018 please visit the conference’s website or email our National Office at