ASCI Leadership Series

ASCI Leadership Series

The ASCI Leadership Series offers executives the unique opportunity to put their supply chain management knowledge to the test, compete in teams against some of the industry's best, all within an exciting experiential simulation in a landscape that's completely removed from their own.

ASCI’s Members play host to some of Australia’s toughest supply chain environments. In teams of four, corporates are challenged to participate in these environments in situ under simulation-built or business scenarios.

Attend the ASCI Leadership Series and your executive team will experience:

  • First hand feedback on the breadth of their supply chain management knowledge

  • A gauge for the rate of pace in their decision making

  • Stronger more effective teams

  • New perspectives on solutions to common supply chain challenges

  • Valuable team building

  • Effective networking with other corporate teams

  • Connections for future collaborative activities

Register your team and you could take home the prestigious ASCI Leadership Series Cup!