Areas of Research

In collaboration with ASCI, the research within the ASCI partnership is classified into three categories as follows:

Industry/Applied/Contract Research

  • Industry/applied/contract research with industry and/or government on particular projects of interest
  • Typically funded by external organisations, which may include government grants for applied research
  • Facilitated through the Alliance

Academic/Foundation Research

  • Academic research including postgraduate research projects culminating in:
  • Higher Degree Qualifications i.e. Master by Research or Doctoral (PhD) Degree
  • High-quality academic journal and conference proceedings
  • Funding for this category of research is from grants such as ARC Linkage Grants, Discovery Grants and similar funding sources, including internal University (Faculty) research grants
  • Larger scale projects and projects requiring expertise beyond that of an individual research institution, are facilitated through the Alliance

Profile Research

  • Recurrent research projects with a clear industry impact and profile
  • Resulting in an ongoing longitudinal release of research results and output i.e. Annual Surveys
  • Profile Research is undertaken on behalf of Alliance Participants to inform the above two areas