ASCI Standards of Conduct

Members will conduct themselves so that a reasonable and informed third party would deem them as appropriate to serve as a professional in the supply chain industry.

1.1       Professional Conduct Statement

In support of the ASCI Standards of Conduct, all Members that apply for registration under the ASCI Professional Accreditation Scheme will be required to submit a "Professional Conduct Statement.” This is also a requirement for the renewal of registration.

1.2       Avoidance of Conflicts of Interest

Members should exercise professional judgment and discretion in order to avoid any potential or actual conflict of interest when performing their duties.  Should a conflict of interest arise, the Member is required to disclose their interests to ASCI and/or other impacted parties as soon as possible.  

Members should consider removing themselves from any decisions in which they have a conflict of interest until express direction from the appropriate authority is obtained.

1.3       Protection of Confidential or Sensitive Information

Where a Member has been privy to confidential or sensitive information, it is their responsibility to ensure that it remains confidential.  

Such information must not be used for any personal gain or advantage.  Information given in the course of a Member's professional activity should be forthright and not intended to mislead or deceive others.

1.4       Business Relationships

Members should maintain relationships with suppliers and third parties in a manner that contributes to and promotes fair competition in the market and protects the interests and reputation of his or her employer.  

Members should not use their position to garner personal favours or advantages.

1.5       Gifts, Gratuities and Hospitality Inducements

Members must ensure that the objectivity of their decisions is not compromised or unduly influenced by the acceptance of gifts, gratuities, or hospitalities of any kind.  

Members should be discerning in their business and social relationships and activities and, through them, seek to enhance the integrity of the profession.

1.6       Environmental and Social Responsibilities

Members shall exercise their responsibilities in a manner that promotes and provides opportunities for the protection and preservation of the environment.  

Members shall favour the use and distribution of resources in an efficient, effective, and ethical manner.  

Members will also be cognisant of the social rights extended to all people, including any relevant legislation or international conventions with respect to labour standards, and will encourage and support supplier diversity.  

These Standards of Conduct should guide members in their decisions and in implementing the policies and values of the organisations they represent.

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