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Adnan Qureshi

Adnan has 15 years of experience working with Procter & Gamble, Goody and IMC Hospital all over the world and now resides in Australia working for SA Health.

Adnan is experienced in strategic procurement. Some of his portfolio volumes include $50M in revenues and $20M in savings for a $0.35B spend capital equipment, services, finished goods in health and beauty care. 

Adnan is experienced in analysing diverse markets and spend, leading to tailored sourcing strategies. He adopts sophisticated market approaches, negotiates, and manages 200+ contracts.

He develops niche supply chain strategies that spark efficiency and responsiveness. He was responsible for designing sophisticated supplier, warehouse and transportation networks involving 50+ suppliers, 5+ warehouse of 500,000 ft2, and global transportation lanes flowing 20,000 TEUs. He is experienced in optimising inventories, building complex forecasting, and managing replenishment and S&OP systems for 10,000+ items, transcending from 50+ suppliers to 20+ customers. 

Adnan has driven digital and organisational transformations and implemented a broad array of systems, ERP-SAP, Dynamics, SQL+.Net, Platinum, Supply Chain Planning-SAP First, SAP APO, SAP DRP, WMS-Dynamics, SQL+.Net, and Work Flow-EPADEX, Dynamics.

The ASCI South Australian Chapter runs Meet & Greet sessions online on the last Thursday of every month. Visit What's On.

We are seeking a Vice President, Secretary and Tertiary Education students as Ambassadors. Contact the National Office for enquiries. 

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