ASCI Professional Principles

Members will perform their roles and duties based on the following principles of professional practice:

1.1       Professional Competency

To maintain their professional competency by staying informed of, and complying with, the best supply chain industry practices to retain their professional certification in good standing.

1.2       Professionalism

To provide professional advice to their employer or any other impacted party to the best of their knowledge, recognising that any final decision is the prerogative of the senior authority within the employing organisation; to act with courtesy and due consideration in dealings with other professional members and in all business relationships.

1.3       Honesty and Integrity

To maintain an unimpeachable standard of integrity and honesty in all their business relationships, both inside and outside the organisations, they are employed.

1.4       Responsible Management

To optimise, without prejudice, the use of resources for which they are responsible for providing the maximum value as defined by the organisations they represent.

1.5       Serving the Public Good

To use their position to advance society's interests and well-being; to denounce all forms of business practice that may compromise value or bring discredit to the organisation and/or society.

1.6       Compliance with Legal Obligations

To be aware of and comply with:

       all laws, regulations, by-laws, and standards that are relevant to supply chain industry practices, including but not limited to the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) and Consumer and Competition Act 2010 (Cth).

       the ASCI Members' Terms and Conditions, ASCI's constitution, and other governing documentation; and

       all contractual obligations that apply to the Member in relation to their involvement in the supply chain industry. 

       any reasonable directions provided by ASCI regarding the performance of the Member's duties within the scope of their involvement in the Supply Chain Industry

       any industry guides published by ASCI from time to time, including competition law compliance guidelines.

Members must not engage in, condone, or attempt any act prohibited by law.

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