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Business Acumen and Leadership

Identifying and engaging stakeholders

Level: Fundamental/Proficient

Successful business imperatives require strong alignment with internal and external stakeholders. Managing stakeholders is often overlooked. Through application of key concepts, supply management professionals can increase engagement and improve results. Your role in supply chain and procurement projects is vital to helping the business meet its goals. This course will show you how to influence the way projects are structured and managed for the best outcomes. Click here to view pricing.

From Back Room to Board Room—Procurement as a Strategic Partner

Level: Fundamental/Proficient

In many organisations, procurement is mistakenly perceived as a back-room function relegated to processing POs and enforcing terms of contracts that haven’t been negotiated and signed elsewhere. As these same companies seek to unlock additional sources of value, the procurement team must overcome this mistaken image and assume the role of strategic enabler for driving success throughout the company. During this course, we will explore how procurement can claim its proper place by understanding shared goals, securing leadership buy-in, and effectively communicating successes to key stakeholders. Click here to view pricing.

Introduction to Robotic Process Automation

Level: Fundamental/Proficient

Automation continues to influence supply management. With a need to focus on strategic priorities, tactical work can leverage technology to free resources. Repeatable, rule driven tasks that require significant headcount can adopt Robotic Process Automation, also referred to RPA BOTS. These BOTS continue to evolve with cognitive capabilities and will expand towards the strategic tasks over time. Click here to view pricing.

Introduction to Spend Analysis

Level: Fundamental/Proficient

Spend analysis can refer to several different types of business analysis, all using spend data or data collected based on the money a company spends with suppliers. This course introduces the categorization of the data, classification and determination of addressable and non-addressable spend. It also reviews the Pareto analysis and the process of data cleaning. Click here to view pricing.

Contracting — Elements, Terms, and Conditions

Level: Fundamental/Proficient

Contracting within supply management continues to be the basis for aligned expectations and performance. An organization must properly define expected outcomes to draft the best contract. Ensure you understand the basics, such as key terms and conditions, and enable your organization to legally receive the prescribed goods and services. Click here to view pricing.

Inventory Analysis — Segmentation and Variability

Level: Fundamental/Proficient

Inventory exists because the lead time to provide products to customers is longer than many customers
are willing to wait. Inventory can be expensive; therefore, an organisation must determine the correct levels
to maintain. There are several approaches to balance this challenge. With dynamic business environments, ongoing demand changes can create problems. In this course you will use forecasting and planning tools that comprehend such variables and ensure the needs of the customer, business and suppliers are met. Click here to view pricing.

Inventory Analysis — Planning and Forecasting

Level: Fundamental/Proficient

Supply and demand signals are always changing, and supply management professionals must strive to keep pace. Learn the balancing act between cash outlay and the availability of inventory. You must factor in production schedules and cyclical usage patterns to ensure suppliers are prepared. Learn that with proper planning and forecasting, the process can be optimised. You will learn how to use analysis strategy enabling your goals to align with the overall organisation. Click here to view pricing.

Creating Value Through Sales and Operations Planning

Level: Proficient

Effective use of sales and operations planning, sometimes called integrated business planning (IBP), can help you drive increasing value and optimal business communication. Supply managers are critical partners in this process. Alignment between sales, operations and supply management can be achieved with routine forecast reviews and structured meetings. This systems-thinking approach enables organisational success in a dynamic world. Click here to view pricing.

Value Added Sourcing for Services

Level: Fundamental

Sourcing of services can add a degree of ambiguity and complexity to supply management. Discover how to engage with suppliers and stakeholders to maximise value and reduce costs. Through appropriate strategies, you can leverage price information. This course will show you how applying appropriate contractual terms and indicators can make suppliers more receptive to improving services that benefit the organisation. Click here to view pricing.

Getting Started with Sourcing

Level: Fundamental/Proficient

Sourcing becomes a strategic advantage when requirements are clear and supplier selection is calculated. Potential sources are located around the world. It is critical to have a plan to align specifications with supplier capabilities and purchase timing can play a unique strategic role. An organisation must differentiate needs versus wants to be successful. This course will show you how using a defined RFX strategy will give you an edge over the competition. Click here to view pricing.

Introduction to Supplier Relationship Management

Level: Fundamental/Proficient

This course will show you how to prioritize and manage different types of relationships. You will learn how alignment between organisational strategy and supplier performance provides a critical path to success. The value of strong relationships will greatly enhance your intended expectations. Click here to view pricing.

Further, more advanced short courses from Institute For Supply Management are available on request. Contact the ASCI National Office for more information. 

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