Community for Operations Management

Operations is a vital component of an organisations supply chain.  Together with Procurement & Supply Management and Logistics it is one of the three sets of core operating processes that turn inputs into outputs to satisfy customers while meeting organisational goals and broader stakeholder expectations.

ASCI Definition of Operations Management

Operations Management is a dimension of the Supply Chain, focusing within the organisation on planning, scheduling, and controlling materials, people, and energy to provide the firm's primary goods and services to meet customer needs in the most sustainable, efficient & profitable manner.

Continued Professional Development

As part of its role to identify and facilitate ongoing learning/continued professional development opportunities in Operations Management, the College has compiled the following CPD offerings:


The College continues developing and maintaining relevant resources in the Operations Management Domain for easy access by practitioners and supply chain professionals. These resources may be available in the public domain but are collated in the Resources Library for members' convenience.

These resources include white papers, industry standards, research reports, fact sheets, and similar materials. 

These resources are available online in the ASCI Resources Library and can help you stay informed on the best practices and latest developments in Operations Management.

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