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Logistics is a pivotal element of Supply Chain Management (SCM), and it is often argued that, in principle, SCM evolved out of logistics. Logistics has been widely recognised as a critical function in its own right for decades as it comprises the core components of SCM, i.e. transportation, inventory and warehousing.

The relationship between logistics and supply chain has been well described in the literature and the business world; one widely accepted definition of the difference in Scope is that logistics deals with materials management and distribution while SCM encompasses suppliers, logistics and customers. In other words, logistics is thus involved in both the upstream (materials management) and downstream side (distribution) of the supply chain.

Hence supply chain and logistics managers are expected to be experts in a wide variety of fields. In today's interconnected world of trade and fast-moving business environment, it is paramount for any enterprise that its logistics processes deliver the right product in the right quantity to the right place at the right time at the right cost. Thus the professional discipline of logistics practitioners covers broad areas of management expertise to achieve a competitive advantage.

ASCI Definition of Logistics

Logistics is a dimension of the Supply Chain that is responsible for analytical planning, operational execution, implementation, risk assessment and control of all related processes in support of efficient, cost-effective forward and reverse movement, storage, multimodal distribution of goods and material, including all relevant, pertinent information, between the points of origin and points of consumption to meet the end customers' needs.

Continued Professional Development

As part of its role to identify and facilitate ongoing learning/continued professional development opportunities in Integrated Logistics Support, the College has compiled the following CPD offerings:


The College continues developing and maintaining relevant resources in the Logistics Domain for easy access by practitioners and supply chain professionals. These resources may be available in the public domain but are collated in the Resources Library for members' convenience.

These resources include white papers, industry standards, research reports, fact sheets, and similar materials.

These resources are available online in the ASCI Resources Library and can help you stay informed on the best practices and latest developments in Logistics.  

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